Recap of The Stand’s Finale: Be True

Frannie Goldsmith finally wins her battle after four decades. A beloved character from Stephen King’s The Stand had a bittersweet ending. Her pregnancy prevented her from going to New Vegas to fight the Randall Flagg. Although she went to Maine to build

The Stand Summary: The End

Fans of Stephen King’s The Stand will be pleased to see some interesting changes made to the source material. The miniseries is now ending on CBS All Access. The explosive finale features the deaths of many major characters, including Nadine Cross, Lloyd

The Stand Summary: The Valley of Death

The Stand picks up its pace in an episode that is crucially directed by Vincenzo Natali (Splice and Cube). Although there are some minor changes to the source material, this episode has more tension than the midseason slump. It establishes the core


The Stand Summary: Thoughts and Prayers

The Stand’s episode 6 was stronger than the previous chapters. It felt more dangerous than what this story has allowed itself to be in its CBS All Access form. This episode ends the flashback structure which plagued the previous four episodes. It

The Stand Summary: Fear and Loathing In New Vegas

The CBS All Access version of Stephen King’s The Stand reaches the center of its nine-episode run with an episode that should have been a slam dunk but falls victim to the increasing problems of pacing and character that have afflicted this

Summary of The Stand: Leave Your Firearms at Home.

Welcome back to The Stand. Although it may be 2021 now, the apocalypse remains fresh in everyone’s minds. Yet, it feels like the CBS All Access adaptation to Stephen King’s Stephen King story isn’t tapping into this national anxiety. With four episodes

Summary of The Stand: Big Bad Wolf

The structure of The Stand was fairly predictable. The first two episodes were dominated by a couple of characters. They gave backstories to Stu Redman, Harold Lauder, and Lloyd Henreid. Although “Blank Pages” could be argued to center Nick Andros and Nadine


“The Stand” Cast Members

Take a look at all of the cast members of the CBS All Access limited event series based on Stephen King’s novel with the same name. “The Stand” limited series (only 9 episodes) premiere aired on December 17, 2020. You can look for