Why The Nevers Reviews are So Bad

Joss Whedon’s new Victorian sci-fi drama, The Nevers was met with high expectations. However, critics are not impressed. The Nevers, HBO’s sci-fi drama has a lot of appeals. However, the Joss Whedon series fails to impress critics due to its poor reviews.


“The Nevers” TV Series Review

On the one hand, the show is a very enjoyable and profoundly engaging super-hero spiel with the ability to complete Victorian fantasy which Firefly did for sci-fi Westerns. On the other hand, it lands on our displays at some period once the

The Nevers: HBO’s newest fantasy series

The new science fiction TV series The Nevers takes place in 1896, Victorian London. One day in August, the city is shaken by a supernatural event that has serious consequences – many people, mostly women, are getting supernatural powers – they will


First Trailer Of “The Nevers” TV Series

Together with HBO and showrunner Philippa Goslett’s sci-fi, fantasy, action/drama “The Nevers” they are here to rescue you from the boring everyday life with the Victorian age characters this April. Check out the cast of HBO’s “The Nevers” Williams’ Lavinia Bidlow is


Official Look At HBO “The Nevers”

Read more about “The Nevers” cast members, actors that you might recognize, and when we will be able to see the first look of the new HBO TV Series. The story is about Victorian time London where mostly all women are called “Touched” because