Season 2 of “Dr. Death” is renewed by Peacock

“Dr. Death’s” season two renewal by Peacock. “Dr. Death” season 1 launched on Peacock in July of last year and is based on the incidents mentioned in journalist Laura Beil’s Wondery podcast. The first season of “Dr. Death” was warmly received by

Dr. Death Cast Appearances in Other Films and TV Shows

Dr. Death, directed by Peacock, features stars Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek), Christian Slater (Heathers), and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock). The critically acclaimed series contains great performances from all three, as well as supporting actors like Kelsey Grammer. This is especially true for


The TOP 9 Characters in Dr. Death

The series not only covers Dr. Duntsch’s tragic narrative but also introduces remarkable individuals that represent the best and worst of human nature. The series greatest characters are sympathetic, allowing viewers to form a bond with the real-life sinners and saints engaged


First Look At Dr. Death TV Series

Founded on the hit Wondery podcast, the Peacock’s “Dr. Death” can actually be a promising new limited series about the upsetting rise and collapse in Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a once-promising surgeon with a human body count and with a few potentially dangerous