“Clarice” Season 2 Will Not Happen

Unfortunately, the “Clarice” tv show will not continue with season 2 according to the source, even though it hasn’t been officially announced. Even though “The Silence of the Lambs” movie was so popular “Clarice” couldn’t deliver great ratings for CBS. According to

The Rest Is Silence: Clarice’s Finale

It turns out that you can return home. That’s at least the message of “Family Is Freedom,” a semi-ironically named season and series finale of Clarice. Clarice Starling drives her car to West Virginia in her final moments to see her mother,

Clarice’s Recap: A Bill That Is Past Due

  “There is a time when staying silent costs more than telling the truth,” said Murray Clark, the ViCAP team’s short-sleeved, dress-shirt-wearing, working stiff. He was the throwback in a group that is supposed to be the future of the FBI. This

Clarice’s Recap: Mother’s Sins

Catherine Martin speaks out about the serial-killer phenomenon, saying that everyone thinks it’s funny or cool. “These monsters, leave human beings behind — like us and them,” she says to the mother of the serial killer, but it could also be said


“Clarice” Episode 6 Will Be Released Tonight

In the upcoming episode, we’ll have Clarice visiting Ruth Martin later being sidelined for her partnership with Marilyn Felker. Moreover, Clarice will visit Catherine Martin for the very first time after saving her from Buffalo Bill. She needs to survive an embarrassing


Everything To Know About “Clarice” Episode 4

Fantastic information, Fannibals: Episode 4 of Clarice gets really gross! Fine, therefore it is merely just a little bit gross. This is an easy hour of tv focused on how Clarice Starling’s VICAP team reacts to an internal evaluation of Wellig’s passing


First Impressions Of “Clarice”

While we wait for the next episode of “Clarice”, let’s have a look at the first TV Series episode that aired last week. The episode is called “The Silence Is Over” – the tv series show events year after The Silence of the