Surprisingly Good Game Adaptation Gets “Arcane” Honest Trailer

The Honest Trailer series from Screen Junkies is back with an installment about “Arcane”, Netflix’s unexpectedly solid video game adaptation. The animated series is a prologue to Riot Games’ blockbuster multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends, and it was

League of Legends Show “Arcane” Is Renewed For Season 2

“Arcane” season 2 is now officially confirmed to be in development, following the final release of Act III on Netflix. Co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee devised the gorgeous video game adaption of League of Legends from Riot Games, which has been

Arcane Hides Another Future Champion In Plain Sight

One of the future champions from League of Legends is quietly another minor character in the three episodes of Arcane. WARNING! The following contains spoilers for Arcane Episode 3 “The Base Violence Necessary for Change,” which is streaming now on Netflix. Arcane’s

League of Legends “Arcane” Trailer Reveals Vi and Jinx Story

Netflix has released the final “Arcane” trailer, which reveals the animated series’ investigation of Jinx and Vi’s origin stories from League of Legends. The show is a prologue to Riot Games’ long-running multiplayer online combat arena video game League of Legends, and

“Arcane” Gets A Title Song From Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has released “Enemy,” a new song from Netflix’s “Arcane” League of Legends animated series, which is based on Riot Games’ popular multiplayer online battle arena game. The series, created by Riot Games Creative Director Christian Linke and Creative Designer Alex