Everything To Know About “Foundation” Episode 6

In “Foundation” episode 6, the first Seldon Crisis is taking place, and here’s how it’s going. When mathematician Hari Seldon mastered the science of psychohistory, he was able to model the future of galactic civilization, the Galactic Empire was rocked. Seldon prophesied

“Foundation” TV Show Adds Exclusive Clip

Even by science-fiction standards, “Foundation” tackles several controversial themes. Throughout the Apple TV+ series’ complicated narrative, the show never loses sight of its characters. The Warden of Terminus, Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), is a prominent character in “Foundation”. Hardin commits to the

Why Jared Harris Can’t Have Good Time On TV?

You don’t have to comprehend much of what happens in “Foundation” — and to be honest, I don’t — to figure out that Jared Harris’ character isn’t going to have it easy. The big, interplanetary adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s series of novels


“Foundation’s” Official Trailer Is Here

Foundation, the upcoming epic sci-fi TV program for Apple TV Plus, will be available in a month. Apple’s TV division has created many high-quality programming and movies in recent years, so Foundation has a good chance of becoming the company’s next great


Theory about the foundation adaptation

The foundation series is expected to be one of the most popular in 2021. Firstly, for the fans of the purist (Isaac Asimov) from the very beginning, and secondly, for the new generation of watchers. When the series is released, you will