Where Can I Find The Visage Shield in “Elden Ring”?

You need to go no further than the Visage Shield in “Elden Ring” for some genuinely distinctive and intriguing shield options. It’s best suited for setups with very high endurance levels due to its extremely fast equipment rate, but it’s still worth


Use Greatblade Phalanx to Scare Your Enemies Away

In “Elden Ring”, defensive-minded sorcerers may make effective use of any preemptive homing spell to keep enemies at distance or do damage to them when they approach too closely. If your objective is to swiftly shatter enemies stances, you will benefit from

Is “Elden Ring” Influenced by “Lord of the Rings”?

“Elden Ring’s” developers went out of their way to set their game apart from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Nonetheless, one can still find similarities. The open-world RPG “Elden Ring‘s” environment was carefully designed by FromSoftware, the maker of dark fantasy

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