X-Statix gets blasted right off the Walk of Fame in The X-Cellent #3

X-Statix gets blasted right off the Walk of Fame in The X-Cellent #3

Writer Peter Milligan and artists Mike and Laura Allred’s The X-Cellent has picked up the baton of the creators’ cult classic X-Statix series. And now, in this preview of The X-Cellent #3, Zeitgeist and his new team attempt to wipe the old X-Statix off the map – literally.

In the preview pages, Zeitgeist and his new pals the X-Cellent take to the streets – Hollywood Boulevard, to be exact – blasting the old X-Statix members’ stars right off the Walk of Fame.

For those who may not know, many celebrities have been honored with name placards decorating the sidewalk on a portion of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles – AKA the Walk of Fame. 

And in the Marvel Universe, the Walk of Fame no longer includes the stars belonging to the old X-Statix team. That’s not all, either, as the pages also show Zeitgeist consulting with his sinister AI Dox as part of his plans.

Here’s the gallery of pages:

The X-Cellent #3 interior art

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The original X-Statix were reality TV stars along with being superheroes, often motivated by fame and profit as much as heroism and justice. That idea has carried into the modern day, where they’re once again seen as celebrities – as evidenced by their stars on the Walk of Fame.

“The public is going gaga for the X-Statix! But do their methods for reaching stardom justify the ends?” reads Marvel’s official solicitation for The X-Cellent #3. “And can Zeitgeist make his way back into the mainstream – or is he totally washed up?”

The X-Cellent #3 goes on sale May 24.

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