What’s making a splash in alt dairy? Oatly, Stockeld Dreamery, and Willicroft talk plant-based innovation

What’s making a splash in alt dairy? Oatly, Stockeld Dreamery, and Willicroft talk plant-based innovation

The editorial team behind FoodNavigator is excited to bring you a two-day interactive broadcast series covering all things meat and dairy alternatives: Protein Vision 2023​.

Over four sessions streamed 21-22 June, we will profile the technology, ingredients and culinary science powering the next generation of meat- and dairy-free innovation. Our journalists will be asking how the sector can maintain momentum and truly take a bite out of conventional meat and dairy sales.

The free-to-attend broadcast event is open for registration​.

On 22 June​ at 11:00 CET​ (10am BST), we’ll be throwing the spotlight on alt dairy:

Innovative NPD making a splash in alt dairy

11:05 CET Fireside chat

The road to dairy disruption with Oatly

The humble oat is not only taking on soy-based dairy, but dairy full stop. What role do challenger brands like Oatly play in working to disrupt the status quo? And what opportunities – and potential barriers – exist in expanding beyond a flagship product, into plant-based yoghurts, crème fraiche, and ice cream?

Join us for a fireside chat with Bryan Carroll​, UK general manager, Oatly​, to find out more.

11:20 CET Presentation

What do consumers want from alternative dairy? Findings from the EU-funded Smart Protein project

That plant-based dairy alternatives are fast expanding in Europe is undeniable. While the products are generally well perceived from a sensory perspective, can they be improved? What barriers must be overcome to mainstream the consumption of alternative dairy?

– What sensory modifications do consumers want from plant-based dairy?

– Which barriers to adoption of plant-based diets are receding in the EU?

– What is the ‘key to success’ in overcoming consumer beliefs and taste expectations for the alternative dairy category?

Armando Perez-Cueto​, ​professor at Umeå University​, shares findings from the EU-funded Smart Protein project

11:40 CET Panel discussion

From plant-based milk to vegan double cream: Expanding the alt dairy aisle

Plant-based milk has well and truly hit the mainstream. But innovative approaches to this category, as well as expansion into other dairy strongholds, continue to excite. From vegan ice cream to plant-based crème fraiche, how are new dairy-free formats continuing to grow the market, with taste, nutrition, and health in mind?

– How is ingredient diversity reinvigorating plant-based milks?

– Can new consumers be persuaded by plant-based yoghurt, ice cream and crème fraiche?

– From sustainability credentials to nutrition and taste, what’s helping new products stand out on shelf?

Panellists include:

  • Sorosh Tavakoli, ​CEO & co-founder, Stockeld Dreamery
  • Brad Vanstone​, co-founder, Willicroft
  • Nick Watkins​, co-CEO and co-founder, MIGHTY
  • Nicolas Hartmann​, managing director and co-founder, VLY Foods

But it’s not all about plant-based dairy. Over two days, 21-22 June, Protein Vision will take a deep-dive into four key topics:

Session 1: Dissecting plant-based meat: What’s working, and what’s not?

Plant-based has boomed in recent years, with flexitarians keen to try vegan alternatives of their meaty favourites. But signs that category growth is wavering suggests repeat purchases are not assured. How can plant-based meat makers reverse this trend and win over consumers for good?

Session 2: What’s next for the meat alternatives category?

Innovation has paved the way for alt meat makers looking to mimic the real thing. And there is more to come. Which innovative technologies and ingredients promise to mimic the taste, texture, and cooking behaviour of conventional meat?

Session 3: Innovative NPD making a splash in alt dairy

With the global dairy alternatives market projected to reach over $61bn by 2029, what started as a niche offering is now commonplace in household fridges. Innovators are leaning into new product formats and category expansion to continue to grow alt-dairy, so what’s making a splash amongst consumers?

Session 4: What’s next for animal-free dairy?

Alt dairy brands want to achieve the experience of dairy, without the cow. Increasingly, tech pioneers are turning to next-gen solutions to achieve the creamy and indulgent profile consumers want. In this session, we’ll examine the R&D-fuelled innovation shaping the future of animal-free dairy.

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