WATCH: Truck Almost Rammed Off Elevated Highway in Shanghai

WATCH: Truck Almost Rammed Off Elevated Highway in Shanghai

A viral video shows the heart-stopping moment a truck was shoved by another vehicle on an elevated highway in Shanghai.

Part of the truck was left hanging over the edge of the elevated highway, but was fortunately not pushed all the way off – a potential disaster which could have been fatal not only for the driver of the vehicle, but also for those down below.


The near disaster was the culmination of a road rage incident which occurred on the Inner Ring Elevated Highway running through the central areas of Shanghai. Footage shows a yellow service truck driving slowly and forcing a blue SUV to the side of the road to the point that the latter is touching the barriers. 

Later on, the SUV returns the truck the favor, only this time manages to force part of the truck over the edge of the elevated highway.   

Watch the video below:

Shanghai Transport Police put out a statement regarding the incident on their official Weibo account. The post confirms that the incident occurred at 5.52pm on May 24 and that nobody was injured or killed as a result. 


The statement from Shanghai Transport Police regarding the incident. Image via Weibo/@上海交警

The post then states that the two drivers involved were arrested and that an investigation is under way in accordance with the law.

They remind road users of the potential consequences of engaging in road rage and encourage everybody to “collectively defend a pleasant transport environment.” 

According to SHINE, Shanghai Urban Operation Group has terminated its contract with a supplier linked to the aforementioned service truck. 

[Cover image: screengrab via Tencent Video]

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