Watch Alexis Ren Do Her Face-Lifting Makeup Routine

Watch Alexis Ren Do Her Face-Lifting Makeup Routine

“Beauty is not just makeup, not just clothes—it’s fitness, it’s mindset, it’s our emotional state,” explains Alexis Ren, the model who rose to social media stardom in 2011 for her Tumblr-era posts. Though the 26-year-old has graced her fair share of covers, her viral ab workout routine, which has 54 million views to date, is what she’s arguably most recognized for. “To this day, I still get girls talking to me about the ab workout on YouTube, which is crazy how many views it has,” she says. As someone who is always in the spotlight, Ren’s beauty rituals allow her to look and feel her best—from clarifying skin care to romantic makeup. 

To treat her combination skin, Ren’s routine is centered around staving off breakouts while providing necessary hydration. Mario Badescu’s cleansing oil is first, wiped away by Clean Skin Club’s biodegradable towels. “It has changed my skin texture; my skin texture is so much softer now,” she says. Two rejuvenating elixirs by facialist Sonya Dakar provide daytime treatments, a double layer of face cream locks in moisture, and a gua sha massage alleviates puffiness. Then, a layer of tinted sunscreen and a swipe of Laneige lip mask set the stage for her romantic makeup look. 

“Beauty is meant to bring out who you are, not cover, you know?” she details of her makeup philosophy—relying on a sun-kissed bronze and a few face-lifting tricks instead of full glam. Brows are first on the list, Ren admitting that she gave into the trend of shortening her arches at the end. Because this naturally lifts her visage, she relies solely on a bit of Göt2b gel combed through. Complexion begins with contour for natural definition, followed by a lightweight veil of Chanel foundation and two more layers of bronzer—one Tom Ford cream and a Charlotte Tilbury powder

Her next trick? Blend her under-eye concealer upwards for a natural eye lift—utilizing formulas by Clé de Peau and Becca. Her gaze is accentuated further by subtle smoky eyeshadow, purple winged liner, and a coat of mascara atop her favorite Yumi lash serum. To seal the deal on her already glowing skin, Ren opts for faux freckles, blush, and glimmering cream highlight. A wash of Ilia’s tinted lip balm in shade Wanderlust is the finishing romantic touch. All that’s left is priming her hair with a spritz of dry shampoo and texture spray to achieve her signature half-up style, complete with two face-framing strands. “Thank you so much for watching—I hope you try it!” she says with a smile. “Don’t steal my Ilia lip balm! Love you guys, bye!”  

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