Video: Us Vs. Them and the Laserdisc Debacle

In this free GDC Vault video, legendary programmer and designer Warren Davis gives a behind the scenes look at making 1984 Laserdisc-powered FMV shooter Us Vs. Them. He begins the presentation with an engaging history lesson, harkening back to a previous GDC


New On Prime Video In June 2023: M3GAN, Tár

As June approaches, Prime Video is preparing to introduce a range of new TV shows and movies. Starting from June 1, viewers can look forward to a lineup of titles set to debut throughout the month, offering a wide variety of entertainment


NASA rover video shows astonishing view into Mars crater

NASA’s adventurous Perseverance rover is currently perched over a big Martian impact crater. And it has a glorious vista. While searching for clues of past habitability and potential hints of extinct life in Mars’ desert, the rover snapped 152 images overlooking the

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