Victoria Beckham Supports Her Husband, David Beckham, in His “Weird” OCD Habit

Victoria Beckham Supports Her Husband, David Beckham, in His “Weird” OCD Habit

As representatives of the most iconic and enduring celebrity marriages globally, David and Victoria Beckham have inspired many with their unwavering and steady relationship. In his upcoming Netflix series, the 47-year-old footballer shared his struggle with OCD and disclosed a peculiar and “weird” cleaning hack that he performs before bed, to which his wife responded with the utmost understanding.

David gets all the support he needs from his wife.

The football star confessed to spending hours cleaning and tidying his home after his family has gone to bed, as he dislikes waking up to a chaotic environment in the morning.

David, filmed by a camera crew in his kitchen, described his peculiar cleaning routine, admitting that he’s unsure his wife appreciates it. He ensures everything, including candles, plates, cups, and bowls, is tidy and clean. His ’pet hate’ is smoke around the inside of a candle, which he cleans with glass and candle wax. He also shared his method for burning candles, which involves trimming the wick and letting the wax melt all the way across before extinguishing.

In addition to his candle cleaning, David is famously militant about the organization of his Pepsi cans in the fridge. He insists that they be arranged symmetrically, with the labels facing outwards. David’s OCD extends beyond the home organization and into hotel rooms, where he must tidy up all books and leaflets before relaxing.

Victoria has also commented on her husband’s behavior, noting that he has an obsessive-compulsive need for everything to match, even down to the contents of their three refrigerators.
In the meantime, she affectionately stated, “he’s just so perfect,” showing that she got his back in all kinds of situations.

Despite his desire to rid himself of his OCD, David admits that he cannot stop his compulsive behavior. He will reveal more about his lifelong struggles with OCD in the upcoming series.

The docuseries will be revealing the footballer’s journey from his humble working-class beginnings in East London to becoming one of the most recognizable and scrutinized athletes of all time. The project will include interviews with David, his family and friends, key figures who have been part of his journey on and off the pitch, and never-before-seen personal archive footage from the last forty years.

Bedside being supportive of one another, they have “a lot of fun together.”

As Victoria revealed, one of the secrets to a long, successful marriage was that they have a lot of fun together. Victoria admitted in an interview that if she were as miserable as she looked in some paparazzi photos, her children wouldn’t be as happy as they are. She, indeed, wouldn’t be married anymore.

Even though they’re both pretty busy traveling around the world and spending much time apart, they still make time for each other. Additionally, they post many pictures together, whether it’sof a romantic date night, a simple walk, a bike ride, or a night of dancing together.

They also put “hard work” into their marriage.

In recent interviews, David described married life as hard work, especially when the marriage has lasted over 2 decades. He added that sometimes there are difficult situations like traveling and being away from each other, but you make it work.

Victoria seems to have the same opinion. She shared that they both work hard, look out for each other, and are lucky to grow together.

And most importantly, they both put family first.

The world-famous designer also opened up and explained that the couple is equal regarding family responsibilities. When she’s away, David does the cooking, school preparations, etc. According to Victoria, she feels fortunate, and her husband is quite present in the lives of their 4 children.

Victoria and David have recently been enjoying their trip to Miami, where Posh humorously wrote, “I think I’ll keep him” in a caption on her Instagram, making us believe in the notion of “happily ever after.” Moreover, even after long years together, Becks keeps the ticket Posh wrote down her number on when they first met, reminding us that love is eternal when the ideal person arrives.

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