Super Ultra Combo Week Launching – 50K Twitch Rivals Event

Super Ultra Combo Week Launching – 50K Twitch Rivals Event

Street Fighter 6 is nearly here and we’ve already gotten a decent number of tournaments lined up for the new game. We’ve just learnt of another new competition to celebrate the Street Fighter 6 release date, Super Ultra Combo Week. This is going to be a new Twitch Rivals competition, hosted by Maximillian Dood. More than that though, it’s a whole week celebrating the latest Street Fighter release.

The Super Ultra Combo Week event is going to break down into a few different components. There’s an element of hosting streamers. Players catching the opening action on Street Fighter 6 have the chance to be featured on the main Twitch Channel. The big event though, is the $50K tournament itself. That’s taking place the next weekend after the launch of Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter Twitch Rivals Tournament

Super Ultra Combo Week’s main event is a tournament, where there’s up to $50K up for grabs in a prize pool. The event is part of the larger Twitch Rivals series. However, it’s carrying a bit bigger of a prize pool than those events typically get.

The format is a bit different, since this one is focused on streamers. It’s a tournament being hosted by Maximilian_Dood. It isn’t a one-on-one face-off like normal though. Instead, it’s being played as a 5v5 Squad Battle tournament. There will be eight teams of five who fight as squads in a bracket. This is the element of Super Combo Week that carries the prize pool.

Super Ultra Combo Week Street Fighter Tournament

Source: Twitch

Other Events in Super Ultra Combo Week

Alongside the tournaments, Twitch is running a whole event for Super Ultra Combo Week. They’re holding giveaways and other big events to keep interest up for the launch of Street Fighter 6, this is the full schedule for the week.

  • May 29-June 2 – Anyone streaming at least 10 minutes of one of their biggest fighting games can get featured on the front page!
  • June 1st – A special pre-release stream is being hosted to build up the hype of Street Fighter
  • June 7-8 – Super Ultra Combo Tournament

It’s not long till Street Fighter releases now. It looks like all the stops are being pulled out to celebrate this new game! The week won’t be the only event coming up. SF 6 is going to be featured at loads of upcoming fighting game tournaments like Red Bull Kumite.

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