LCS Summer Split 2023 – All rumored & confirmed roster moves

LCS Summer Split 2023 – All rumored & confirmed roster moves

With MSI coming to an end, it’s time for us to see what roster moves have been made ahead of the LCS Summer Split.

LCS Summer roster

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LCS Summer Roster Moves

A lot has happened to the LCS during the mid-season break. Not only did TSM announce their intent to move to another tier one region, but most teams have also moved away from NACL after teams have requested to remove the requirement of fielding a team in the second division.

With that in mind, as well as other players like Bjergsen and Tenacity moving away from competitive, there have been a lot of roster moves and shakeups. Let’s take a look at what roster moves were done among the various LCS teams. Confirmed roster moves will be in bold, while rumors will state the source if available.

100 Thieves

There are going to be two big sister changes for 100T ahead of the LCS Summer Split. Korean player and former Gen.G Challengers mid laner Quid will replace Bjergsen in the mid lane while Ssumday will be making his return to 100T after his stint on Evil Geniuses.

Among the two, fans should be excited about Quid who showed promising stuff in the academy leagues. While results haven’t come along, the guy has a great champion pool and has been individually one of the best mid laners in the league, with positive differentials at 15 minutes. If he can transition those results in NA, 100T will be a potential title contender.

  • Top: Ssumday
  • Jng: Closer
  • Mid: Quid
  • ADC: Doublelift
  • Supp: Busio


After their run at MSI, C9 will be the team to beat in the LCS Summer Split. Given the results, no roster changes will be made, so the important thing to watch out for is their growth and improvements over the tournament. Unless things go really badly, we should see them fighting for the top.

  • Top: Fudge
  • Jng: Blaber
  • Mid: EMEN3s
  • ADC: Berserker
  • Supp: Zven


Dignitas had a disastrous split in spring so it can only go up from here. Armut has been replaced by Rich who previously was the substitute top laner on Ninjas in Pyjamas over the LPL. The roster change is a gamble but DIG should be able to achieve better results this split. The issue is IgNar’s rumored departure, which might be a big loss for the team.

  • Top: Rich
  • Jng: Santorin
  • Mid: Jensen
  • ADC: Tomo
  • Supp: TBA
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Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are the biggest question mark of the LCS. After releasing all their players except jojpyun, the team is not likely going to be fighting for the top as they did in Spring.

Armao is apparently rumored to be the starting jungler and will be joined by Revenge and Eyla. No rumors are confirmed about the ADC position.

  • Top: Revenge (rumor – LEC Wooloo)
  • Jng: Armao (rumor – LCS Eevee)
  • Mid: jojopyun
  • ADC: TBA
  • Supp: Eyla (rumor – LEC Wooloo)


If FlyQuest had a small weakness, they were able to fix it with the Vulcan pickup. They got their hands on the best support available and he should make a great pairing with a player like Prince.

Last time out, FlyQuest dropped the ball against C9 in playoffs. This time around, we might see a closer battle between the two favorites.

  • Top: Impact
  • Jng: Spica
  • Mid: VicLa
  • ADC: Prince
  • Supp: Vulcan

Golden Guardians

No roster changes should come in for GG. Their results at MSI were more than positive, having made it through the play-in stage and showing some surprising performances against a top team like JDG. It will be exciting to see whether they can keep their streak going into the Summer split.

  • Top: Licorice
  • Jng: River
  • Mid: Gori
  • ADC: Stixxay
  • Supp: huhi
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Immortals will have two new players coming in: Solo, who previously played for TSM, and Treatz, who was a free agent. They might not be the most exciting roster moves of this LCS Summer Split, but having these two experienced players might help the other youngsters improve.

  • Top: Solo
  • Jng: Kenvi
  • Mid: Bolulu
  • ADC: Tactical
  • Supp: Treatz


NRG are the new organization replacing CLG in the Summer Split, but there is currently little to no information on what roster they will field. There are some rumors claiming they will have a new bot lane with former EG ADC FBI and Dignitas’ support IgNar, with the top side unchanged. We’ll have to wait and see whether they are going to commit to this lineup. If it were the case, it would be a roster to watch out for, given what they showed during spring.

  • Top: Dhokla
  • Jng: Contractz
  • Mid: Palafox
  • ADC: FBI (rumor – LCS Eevee)
  • Supp: IgNar (rumor – Alejandro Gomis)

Team Liquid

TL had one of the worst splits in recent history and is not on par with what the org is known for. While there shouldn’t be changes to the starting roster, TL have promoted Reignover from assistant to head coach, hoping he can deliver a better performance than 8th place.

  • Top: Summit
  • Jng: Pyosik
  • Mid: Haeri
  • ADC: Yeon
  • Supp: CoreJJ


This is probably going to be the last split for TSM in the LCS. After that, they will be moving to another region with the hopes of getting better results there. For this one last run, the organization decided to pick up Ruby, the former Team Heretics’ mid, to replace Maple. Bugi and Chime are going to stay and the lineup will be rounded off by two OG players in Hauntzer and WildTurtle. While the roster itself might not look competitive enough for the title, it’s a good mix of veteran and young players who might decide to give it everything on the last go.

  • Top: Hauntzer
  • Jng: Bugi
  • Mid: Fenix/Ruby
  • ADC: WildTurtle
  • Supp: Chime
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