Shop the Best Succession Outfits That Epitomize Quiet Luxury

Shop the Best Succession Outfits That Epitomize Quiet Luxury

Try having a conversation about the Succession outfits without using the words “quiet luxury.” Impossible. While minimalist, logoless style is nothing new—in fact, one could argue it’s one of the oldest aesthetics we still wear today—the success of the HBO show seems to have created, or at least amplified, this so-called trend.

But for the unfamiliar, a Glamour explainer on quiet luxury style breaks it down as such: “The idea is just as simple it sounds: looking like a very rich person by dressing subtly, simply, and in a way that exudes luxury without the obvious markers, such as excessive logos, obvious name brands, or trending shapes and styles that everyone else is wearing. Instead, quiet luxury leans into classic, tailored silhouettes typically in neutral shades like black, white, beige, gray, and navy.”

For a visual reference, one only needs to look to the literal billionaires on Succession. Shiv Roy and Naomi Pierce may have bank accounts that would make your eyes water, but they skip the trends in favor of the kind of tailored, utilitarian items we’re often told would make great “investment pieces.” Even the characters more on the periphery, like Logan Roy’s assistant/lover Kerry, embody this stealth-wealth mindset. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to have GoJo-acquisition-levels of money to participate in the quiet-luxury trend. We even shopped out several Succession outfits for you as proof. The key: Buy from accessible brands that do understated basics well and consider visiting your local tailor to give those pieces that custom-made look. 

Sleek Neutrals

Graeme Hunter

If there’s one Succession outfit to put on your stealth-wealth mood board, make it this. Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) isn’t wearing any immediately discernible designers and yet she looks undeniably rich as hell. The secret? Sticking to one monotone—bonus points if it’s neutral—color palette while keeping the accessories minimal and timeless. 

Banana Republic Carolina Slim Linen Blazer

Banana Republic Carolina Straight Linen Trousers

The Structured Dress

David M. Russell

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