My Home Hero Episode 9: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

My Home Hero Episode 9: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

In the eighth episode of My Home Hero, Kyoichi and Kasen plot to frame Kyoichi for Nobuto’s murder by placing his bones at his apartment. Although the scheme fails, Tetsuo is stunned at Kyoichi’s sharp mind and cannot shake him off.

The next episode will begin the final show-down between Kyoichi and Tetsuo as the murderer will soon be decided. Here are the latest updates. 

The next episode, “The Fateful Day,” will begin the final show-down between Tetsuo and Kyoichi, as one of them will be framed for the murder of Nobuto. Tetsuo is afraid of Kyoichi’s sharp mind, which might lead him to face complications in his plan. 

Tetsuo has also to avoid Kyoichi figuring out the keylogger. Kyoichi might try to pursue Reika again to get answers from her, which means Kasen might have to intervene again.

2. Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of the My Home Hero anime will be released on Sunday, May 28, 2023. The episode title or preview has not been shown.

I. Is episode 9 of My Home Hero on break this week?

No, episode 9 of My Home Hero is not on a break this week. The episode will be released on the above-stated date.

3. Episode 8 Recap

Tetsuo avoids Kyoichi’s gaze in the entryway. He then attempts to enter Kyoichi’s apartment to leave Nobuto’s remains, but he cannot pick the latch and returns home just as Kyoichi returns. Kyoichi suspects that Nobuto was killed in the very same apartment.

Kyoichi uses an alternative light source to try and uncover any blood or prints. Nothing shows up, but Kyoichi suspects the apartment is the murder scene. Tetsuo had decided to switch the ALS to a black light to hide the evidence.

Kyoichi tries to get answers from Reika by telling her that her parents are hiding something from her. When Reika reluctantly agrees to meet him, Kasen arrives just in time by using the keylogger and takes Reika home.

When Kyoichi realizes an email was sent from his account, he becomes bewildered, so Tetsuo thinks he may be investigated by Takeda, who suspects Kyoichi of murdering Nobuto. Koichi pulls Tetsuo along with him to investigate when he claims that Takeda may have hidden evidence in his flat. 

They uncover nothing wrong, but Tetsuo realizes that Kyoichi is more cunning and vicious than he expected, putting his situation in jeopardy.

4. About My Home Hero

My Home Hero is a manga series by Naoki Yamakawa and Masashi Asaki. It was first launched in May 2017 in the Weekly Young Magazine.

The series revolves around Tetsuo, a 47-year-old man who has never committed any crime. He has a tsundere daughter, Reika, who he loves a lot.

After Reika moves out, Tetsuo realizes that she is in an abusive relationship, and her boyfriend plans to kill her. In that instant, he decides to go against his peaceful nature to do anything to protect his family.

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