Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes – Everything in Patch 1.27

Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes – Everything in Patch 1.27

Guilty Gear Strive had just received another new patch! Hot on the heels of Asuka R reveal, we’ve had a quick balance update to correct some areas of the game alongside all of the new DLC content. These latest Guilty Gear Strive patch notes have brought another new character in., but also a stage, music and a lot more.

Asuka R won’t be tournament legal for a while, but the other changes will have ramifications on upcoming fighting game esports tournaments. This is what’s changed with the latest Guilty Gear Strive patch notes.

Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes – Patch 1.27

The new Guilty Gear Strive patch notes cover the 1.27 patch! This is largely concerned with adding the latest Guilty Gear Strive character into the game. There’s more in the update though including some improvements to the overall experience.

Asuka R Added

The big part of this new patch is Asuka R getting added in to the game. He’ll be joining the cast as a playable character, available to download from May 25. It’s included in the Guilty Gear Season Pass 2 too, if you’ve been keeping up with all of the DLC characters.

Asuka R Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes

Source: Arc System Works

Alongside the fighter, there’s a few other new things added in as part of this DLC. There is the Asuka theme, the Gravity, avatar items for Asuka, and That Man in Gallery. There’s also a fresh DLC stage Tír na nÓG, and new DLC colors for the Guilty Gear 25th Anniversary.

All of the DLC content is coming on May 25th.

New Digital Figure in Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes

In the Guilty gear Strive patch notes for 127, there’s a brand-new digital figure. This is for Bedman? The last DLC character to get added into the game. That’s available once you find it while fishing.

Network Mode Changes in Guilty Gear Patch Notes

Baiken Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes

Source: Arc System Works

The Guilty Gear Patch notes for 1.27 have a fair bit of new content getting added in. We might have finally gotten a character that was previously only accessible through Guilty Gear mods. However, there’s also some important fixes coming to the game. The network mode for Guilty Gear Strive is getting a few fixes with the latest update. These are the changes.

  • Problem when entering online lobbies has been fixed.
  • Issues with opponents connecting at beginning of matches fixed.
  • Online matches not starting while in training mode fixed
  • Fixed problem with some players getting too high ping randomly in games.
  • Fixed other network issues
  • These are some of the more long-standing problems in the network mode for Guilty Gear Strive. These patches fix a lot of the problems though.

Other Changes in Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes 1.27

Alongside the new character and alterations to network, there’s been some more minor changes.

  • Fixed aerial attack bug
  • Fixed issue for performing throws
  • Battle Animation changes

Those are all of the big changes in Guilty Gear Strive Patch 1.27. We’ve gotten a new character though. While most characters haven’t been changed, getting a new match up against Asuka is going to introduce some new elements to the game no matter who you play.

Guilty Gear Strive Patch Notes –Patch 1.26

Piror to this patch, we’ve had plenty of updates for GGS. Guilty Gear Strive patch notes for 1.26 made the addition of a new character and a whole host of changes to the game. As well as adding Bedman? to Strive in these Guilty Gear Strive patch notes, we’ve gotten fresh changes to loads of characters and even a substantial update to the online to iron out a few bugs.

Guilty gear Patch Notes

Source: Arc System Works

These changes are going to affect every character in the game. From changing their kit to adding different matchups. There might be some movement in the Guilty Gear Strive tier list once the patch settles! This is everything that’s changed and what to watch out for in the newest Guilty Gear Strive patch notes.

Guilty Gear Patch Notes – Patch 1.26

The latest Guilty Gear patch heralds the arrival of a brand-new character in DLC! There are a few other changes being made across this patch though. This is everything that’s in the 1.26 Guilty Gear Strive patch notes.

New Character in. Guilty gear Strive Patch Notes – Bedman?

Bedman? has been added to the game! He’s now playable as a DLC Guilty Gear character. However, there’s more than a character, there are also avatar items.

Network Mode

Errors have been fixed in the online experience for an easier time when using search ID to create a player match room. There have also been changes to combat unauthorized network signals.

Battle Changes

The big change in all fights is that Roman Cancel will now activate on either hit or whiff of the attack. You can’t input it to only activate with the attack whiffs anymore. There are some other all-over mechanic changes too.

  • Input Priority – Air backdash has higher priority than air dash now.
  • Wall Stick – Fixed bug that effect position when wall sticking.
  • Visual Changes

Character Changes – Guilty Gear Patch Notes

Guilty Gear Patch Notes

Source: Arc System Works

  • Potemkin – Slide Head can now knock an opponent out after Wall Break
  • Faust – The scarecrow has been changed. It’s got an error fixed in the Faust Guilty Gear moves to keep his positioning straight.
  • Zato-1 – Hitbox for amorphous is now always active in the stage corner.
  • Ramlethal – Banjoneto has an error fixed.
  • Leo Whitefang – Can now overwrite Faultless Defense during Super Flash
  • Giovanna – Same changes as Leo. Although, with some differences.
  • Anji Mito –Super Flash can now initiate right after a successful counter
  • I-No – Air and Back air dash now have consistent timing with the other characters.
  • Happy Chaos – Some errors have been fixed. However, minor changes here.
  • Sin Kiske – Hawk Baker’s follow-up can’t be roman cancelled anymore.

We haven’t seen changes for everyone, there are no alterations to Baiken in Guilty Gear Strive V1.26. However, with the introduction of a new character, everything is changing in one way. Everyone has a new matchup to think about, which opens the game up in a big way at least once players actually figure out how do something with Bedman.

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