“Y: The Last Man” Had A Small Reveal In A New Hulu Teaser

To the surprise of many, FX has released promotional footage of “Y: The Last Man” from the newest FX on Hulu teaser. Even though the material is around three minutes long, fans of this acclaimed comic book show could possibly get excited about seeing the 1st footage of the upcoming series.

The first “Y: The Last Man” footage

Approximately 25 minutes to the FX Hulu promotional ad, there’s just a glimpse of the madness which ensues when this male doomsday occurs – do your best to not blink or you could miss it all.


Regrettably, there’s not an indication of Yorick himself at the teaser.

Okay, and so the footage isn’t far to go by, but taking into consideration that the production problems that the series has experienced thus far, it’s good to know that things are taking shape.

This has been a tough ride

Briefly, after the series has been given the go-ahead, Croal and Green (co-showrunners) parted ways because of the job citing creative differences.

The duo was subsequently replaced by Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom) who’s now still functioning as showrunner.

Regrettably, this wasn’t the finish of these show’s production problems as Barry Keoghan (Chernobyl), that was not able to play the show’s lead Yorick Brown, abandoned the series in 2020.

Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft) was brought on as the central character and production will finally commence – until the Covid-19 pandemic struck global, forcing the series to pause production until 2021.

So when will the series release?

Despite all of the show-runner and cast exits, the show is still moving ahead. If all goes smoothly, filming will be complete this July so fans can probably expect the series to broadcast on Hulu in late 2021 or early 2022.

Stay tuned for more interesting info about the “Y: The Last Man” tv series!