Why Prison Colony Of “Y: The Last Man” Is So Important?

Eliza Clark, the showrunner of “Y: The Last Man”, recently discussed why the series’ depiction of a colony of formerly jailed women felt so timely in 2021.

“I mean, I see the show as an opportunity to talk about identity and one of the things I love about the book is that it’s about, you know, it’s told from the perspective of these characters as they change drastically over time,” Clark shared during the show’s New York Comic Con panel attended by CBR. “And you know, the book takes the idea of like, ‘If women ran the world, there’d be peace,’ and says like, ‘No, women are people and people are flawed.”

Clark went on to say that, in addition to deciding to portray more advanced gender debates than the comics, she wanted to use the series to further explore “how systems of oppression, like white supremacy, patriarchy or capitalism, all kind of conspired to inform identity.” She continued, “And so yeah, I mean, talking about prison abolition, through the lens of these women… that works together? It’s exciting. It’s fun to get to talk about those things through characters.”

Following the disease that killed everyone on Earth with a Y chromosome, Yorick Brown and friends stumble onto a bizarrely lovely community in rural Ohio in Cycles, the second major story arc of the original Y: The Last Man comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. It turns out that the settlement is a jail, and the women who now live there are all escaped inmates.

Clark’s current comments about keeping the series relevant in 2021 reflect those she made in September about updating the original comics. “I think the opportunity to turn it into a series is to be able to use the world and the ideas and the characters that Brian and Pia put out there and then just get to spend more time with them, or get deeper into them, or learn more about why they ended up where they were,” the showrunner said at the time. “I think one of the biggest things that was important to me that was also important to Brian and Pia in the adaptation was updating the material to include the gender diversity of the world we live in and making it clear early and often that Yorick is not the last man, that plenty of men survived, and the thing that makes him special is his Y chromosome and not his maleness.”

While FX on Hulu just canceled “Y: The Last Man” after only one season, it has subsequently been proven that the cancellation was not due to low ratings, but rather contract extensions. The show is already being marketed around to various networks, and HBO Max may pick it up for Season 2.