“Y: The Last Man” TV Series Episode 7 Recap

When you believe you can survive in this world without anyone’s support, something strange happens. When you insist that you can live in a vacuum with only your own abilities for company, you’re implying that you don’t live in a society established

“Y: The Last Man” Episode 5 Recap

Dr. Allison Mann would be an outcast in another universe, on another timeline. An enigmatic weirdo genius archetype, a mad scientist we don’t understand but must have, an expositional means to a narrative end. She is all of us in this world

Why “Y: The Last Man” Have So Many Tragedies?

Everyone in the new series “Y: The Last Man” is living through the worst day of their lives in perpetuity, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, or deeply held allegiance. Splintered glass and smashed cars, unclean fingernails and empty eyes, rotting animal carcasses

“Y: The Last Man” TV Show Episode 4 Recap

Both sides of the same fuckup coin are the Brown siblings. They both realize this to some extent; Hero doesn’t exactly defend herself when Yorick calls her a hypocrite for criticizing his decisions in the premiere. Yorick pretends to be an (escape)

“Y: The Last Man” TV Show’s Series Recap

The genius of this show is in the details. The fleeting looks. Microexpressions. Conversations that aren’t said out loud. Nora, like a cat, batting a vase off a table. When 355 shines her flashlight over Yorick, who is cowering behind a desk,

“Y: The Last Man” Hero Looks So Familiar

The new FX on Hulu series “Y: The Last Man” is a lot of fun since it plays out all the ramifications of its particular interpretation of the apocalypse. When confronted with the alien environment of “Y: The Last Man,” it’s understandable