How Sam’s Character Was Crafted For The “Y: The Last Man” Show?

Elliot Fletcher of “Y: The Last Man” recently opened up about working on Sam Jordan, a character created particularly for the television adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s iconic comic series.

“…It was, I mean it’s been a great process,” Fletcher said during the Y: The Last Man panel at New York Comic Con, which was attended by CBR. “I love collaborating with [showrunner Eliza Clark].”

The actor went on to say that they “spoke about Sam and his relationship to Hero, and his relationship to his family and all that stuff” during a series of in-person and Zoom conversations.

“And it was…I feel almost like it’s kind of a privilege that Sam wasn’t in the comics, because I do now have so much freedom to create and to collaborate and form relationships with other characters in a very specific way,” Fletcher continued. “But it’s been great. Yeah, he is in a space though that I don’t think he ever thought he would end up in.”

Showrunner Clark previously claimed that she worked with representatives from GLAAD to ensure that trans and non-binary persons were appropriately and truthfully portrayed on the show, in addition to working with Fletcher, who, like Sam, identifies as a trans man.

At the time, Clark said that “the show is really about escaping binary ways of thinking” and revealed it was her intention to explore the idea “that gender, is not equal to chromosomes and that even chromosomes — there’s just a greater and wider diversity of people that exist in this world.”

Vaughan applauded Clark’s adaptation of his original novels, which included new characters like Sam, at the same panel.

“…It’s not just how incredible the characters are, they just feel like platonic, the best possible, ideal versions of Yorick, of 355, of Dr. Mann, but it’s the new characters that have come in,” he revealed. “I just, I can’t imagine the show without them. I want to go back and redo the comic and just put them all in. It’s just, it’s breathtaking, so I just wanted to say thank you to you all.”