Before You Watch “Y: The Last Man” You Need To Know These Facts

The television series “Y: The Last Man” will air on Hulu on September 13th. The show is based on a 60-issue comic book of the same name that ran from 2002 to 2008.

So, here are some “Y: The Last Man” facts to know before watching the FX series.

1. “Y: The Last Man” suggest that he is the last man

One day, all men in the world die, unexpectedly and for unexplained reasons. A global apocalypse strikes, killing all men on the planet. One man, though, and his capuchin monkey, Ampersand, have survived. The Y-chromosome, which is the cause of sudden mortality in men, is represented by the letter Y. The Sex Chromosome for men is called “Y” in biology. Yorick Brown, the show’s primary protagonist, is also represented by Y.

2. The story is about love and a relationships

Unlike other post-apocalyptic series, this one focuses on people. Apart from Yorick’s wish to find Beth, whom he proposed to right before the pandemic, there are at least four additional love interests. Unfortunately, most of these relationships end in catastrophe, as one might anticipate from a narrative about the last man on Earth.

3. There could be a whole graduate thesis on gender in “Y: The Last Man”

It’s one thing to make up a fable about the world’s men all dying at the same time. The other option is to actively participate in conversations regarding the story’s implications. The talks are still important as a topic today, despite the fact that they were given in the 2000s.

4. “Y: The Last Man,” is still a post-apocalyptic story, so survival remains the underlying theme

As children, Hero and Yorick had already been abused. The story depicts what it was like to lose half of the world’s population and how those who survived attempted to rebuild their country.