Why Fans Hate Teachers On A Reboot Of The ‘Gossip Girl’

Now that the Gossip Girl remake has begun streaming on HBO Max, fans are having numerous debates about it, and they don’t like the Gossip Girl reboot for one key reason: it doesn’t appear as exciting, juicy, and escapist as the original. While many will watch season 1 because they want to see what the new show is like, it doesn’t appear like fans are as enthusiastic about the revival as they were about the original show.

While the ensemble of the remake is fascinating, there is one part of the series that fans aren’t happy with, and that is the teachers. Continue reading to find out why fans of the Gossip Girl remake despise the teachers.

The Issue with the Teacher

Penn Badgley is well-known for his roles as Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl and Joe Goldberg on You, and he has admitted that he dislikes portraying Joe. Fans are outraged that Dan ended up being the answer to this major riddle since it did not appear to be the most logical choice. Many viewers may see flaws in this conclusion, which feels especially troubling given that the answer came after six seasons of Dan appearing to be a lovely person and a fantastic lover for Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Fans realized one important thing straight once after seeing the Gossip Girl reboot: the teachers are “Gossip Girl” in this new narrative. It was unexpected to hear about this immediately soon because the original program made it a huge revelation.

Fans are outraged, and many are tweeting about the Gossip Girl teachers and voicing their displeasure. According to one viewer, the teachers “dedicate more time to bullying their students than preparing lesson plans.”

A Redditor started a topic titled “The instructors becoming the new gossip lady is so awful,” she said, adding, “The writers literally could’ve established a student council, and having the kids be gossip girl would’ve made far more sense.” Why would any teacher put their job at risk for this?”

A fan said that it is illogical for a group of individuals to conceal the fact that they are spying on kids and gossiping about them.

The discussion also shifted to how perplexing it was that Dan Humphrey ended up playing Gossip Girl on the original series, with one Reddit user remarking, “At least is better than Dan Being GG.”

There is also the problem of the teachers being older than the high students, which cannot be overlooked. As one Reddit user stated in a thread, “I believe the teacher becoming a gossip girl is disgusting. At the very least, Dan was an adolescent in the original, so his actions could be “excused.” We now have 30-year-old teachers bullying teens and youngsters.”

Many viewers agreed that it appears like the teachers would cease being Gossip Girl at some point, maybe before the end of season 1, and that would be much better.

After the first episode aired, producer Joshua Safran told Variety.com that he had friends who teach at prestigious schools on New York City’s Upper West Side and Upper East Side. These friends informed him about “the subtle changes they had seen in the parents of the kids throughout the years they were teaching there.” That prompted the idea.

According to Joshua Safran, “I can’t recall whether I initially realized there would be professors and one of them would be Gossip Girl. I was also extremely interested in looking at routes we hadn’t gone down the previous time, and professors – that was a whole other topic. Especially private school professors who are younger than public school teachers, make less money, are fresh out of college, and are not so far away from the age of the pupils they teach. All of this felt like really fruitful land.”

Fans may not like the concept of professors talking, eavesdropping, and manipulating everyone, but Joshua Safran told The Wrap that fans should expect to see some familiar characters and “cameos.” He stated, “There will be no returning series regulars from the original. Sorry if that’s not correct. There are no cameos from the original cast members or allusions in the second half, but there are cameos from the original cast members and references.”

While it may seem too dramatic that the professors were also Gossip Girl, it does not appear to be a popular option among fans, and it will be fascinating to watch how this affects the rest of season 1.