What We Know So Far About Netflix’s “The Sandman”

There are few more things to know about the upcoming Netflix TV Series “The Sandman” that started filming in October 2020. Here you will find out all the information about the casting rumors, how far is the production process and when we can expect to see the first season.

It is said that we might see the first season of “The Sandman” later on in 2021. But while we wait, here’s news about the cast. The lead role “Dream” might be played by actor Tom Sturridge, but it is uncertain if we will see him as the main character in the upcoming series. Time will tell!

Here are all the characters that Netflix will cast:

  • The Sandman / Morpheus / Dream (Lead male)
  • The Corinthian (Lead male)
  • Ethel Cripps (Recurring Female)
  • Alex Burgess (Recurring Male)
  • Death (Recurring Female)
  • Anna (Recurring Female)
  • Roderick Burgess (Guest Star Male)

The first season of “The Sandman” TV Series will cover the first volume and some of the second volume of the comic. Neil Geiman – executive producer of the upcoming series told that the story will not be set in the 1980s, but instead, it will start in the modern days. The executive producer also told that the first season will have 11 episodes.

Stay tuned for more “The Sandman” TV Series latest news!