We Can Expect A New “Battlefield” Single-player Campaign From The Halo Co-Creator

According to a job posting, a brand-new EA company led by the co-creator of Halo is searching for a creative director to assist in creating a single-player campaign with “rich, thrilling tales with iconic characters in the “Battlefield” world.”

The listing appears to confirm that the new Battlefield Seattle Studio, led by Marcus Lehto of former Bungie fame, will in fact be working on campaign experiences for “Battlefield”, which was alluded to late last year when EA declared it would be creating a “Battlefield universe” that would span several games from various EA studios.

A new “Battlefield” campaign will be “designed,” according to the job description, and the design director will “orchestrate the mission design, narrative, game mechanics, and systems to produce the greatest quality experience.” Additionally, according to the job description, the design director must “embrace the key concepts of the “Battlefield” series and ensure that they are weaved across all levels of a superbly crafted single-player campaign.”

Although the “Battlefield” brand is frequently said to be a chaotic multyplayer experience, the majority of games are story driven. The most current game in the series, Battlefield 2042, which debuted last year with mixed reviews, does not.

Since the game’s November 2021 release, developer DICE has utilized the opportunity to make updates to practically every facet of the game, ranging from gunplay to map design, and “Battlefield 2042” has received its first season of new content. Due to the game’s unfavorable reviews, there have been reports that EA and DICE only intend to provide the barest of post-launch support for “Battlefield 2042”. EA has denied these allegations. Hazard Zone, a squad-based, battle royale-like mode that together with All-Out-Warfare and Battlefield Portal formed comprised one of the game’s three major pillars, was recently confirmed by DICE to be “going down.”

Rebecka Coutaz, the newly appointed DICE general manager, recently made an attempt to explain what went wrong with “Battlefield 2042’s” rocky launch, saying that “everyone was disappointed.” Battlefield 2042 did not reach EA’s internal objectives, the firm acknowledged in a financial report earlier this year, although it did not provide exact sales figures.