Stars of “Vampire Academy” About Significant Book Difference 

Sisi Stringer and Daniela Nieves talk about a change in “Vampire Academy’s” book-to-show format that will provide more opportunities for character development. The six-book Richelle Mead series of the same name served as inspiration for the new Peacock series, which will debut on September 15. In the supernaturally dangerous and sexist society of “Vampire Academy“, Rose and her best friend Lissa must deal with boarding school, complicated friendships, and forbidden romances. 2014 saw the release of a movie based on the book series, with Zoey Deutch playing the lead.

Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre, the authors of “Vampire Academy“, are experienced in writing teen vampire tales. Plec contributed to the excitement for her new endeavor by co-creating The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals and Legacies. MacIntyre also contributed to Legacies and The Originals while playing Elizabeth Forbes in The Vampire Diaries. Stringer will play Rose in “Vampire Academy“, and Nieves will play Lissa.

During Screen Rant’s exclusive interview with the “Vampire Academy” stars at San Diego Comic-Con, Stringer and Nieves talk about how the series’ opening represents one of the most significant deviations from the original material. Here is what they had to say:


“It’s really cool. We don’t actually start where the books kick off; we start a little bit before that. Because there’s this luscious backstory that, in the books, they reveal as the story progresses. They have flashbacks and things like that. But we decided to just show all of it, because there’s so much character development and story development before the books even start.”


“[It starts] at the Queen’s birthday party. I think it’s really just establishing their relationship in this world, where Dhampirs and Moroi – which are two different races of vampires – are not really allowed to be friends the way that we are. It’s more so that Lissa’s family’s position of power and privilege allows that for them. And then once they’re gone, and there’s this tragedy that they both experienced together, she now has the responsibility of facing the fact that they can’t be friends. I believe it starts there.”

Other book to screen vampire adaptations haven’t been afraid to change the plots or the characters. According to the actors, the decision to include more of the characters’ backstories up front rather than pace revelations through flashbacks will enable viewers to get invested in their journeys right away and show more development as the show progresses. The friendship between Rose and Lissa serves as the basis for the story, so it’s crucial to follow its development and observe how their respective pasts influence their present selves.

The new series has been compared to Legacies because of the boarding school setting and The Vampire Diaries because of the backgrounds of Plec and MacIntyre in front of the camera. The show’s creators have insisted that “Vampire Academy” will stand out due to its relevance, though. The timeline change will serve to highlight the backstories of the characters, which will result in a distinctive perspective on class issues and systemic failures that will probably make the show more compelling over time. The fact that the authors are giving story choices such careful thought is encouraging, and fans of the books will soon be able to choose which version they prefer.