HBO Has Confirmed Season 2 Of “Tokyo Vice”

Season 2 of “Tokyo Vice” has been confirmed by HBO Max. “Tokyo Vice” follows Ansel Elgort’s character, Jake Adelstein, as he relocates to Japan in the 1990s to work for a Japanese newspaper. Adelstein starts looking into the conflict between the Tozawa and Chihara-Kai Yakuza gangs, and along the way meets investigator Hiroto Katagiri (played by Ken Watanabe), love interest Samantha (played by Rachel Keller), and others.

HBO Max has now confirmed that the show will return for a second season. Season 1 of Tokyo Vice was shot on location in Tokyo, and season 2 will follow suit. Season 2 will continue to extend the world established in Season 1, but it is unclear whether all of the cast from Season 1 will return. The following is a full quote from J.T. Rogers, the creator:

Writing and then making the first season of Tokyo Vice with this remarkable group of artists was a matchless experience. So I’m over the moon that we get to keep going. I can’t wait to get back to work in Tokyo with our brilliant cast and crew. Stay tuned: there are twists and turns in the tale to come!

Season 1, episode 8 left a number of unanswered problems in season 2, including how Samantha will repay the Chihara-Kai after asking for a loan for her club, and how Katagiri and Adelstein will work together to revenge the death of one of Samantha’s friends, Polina. Apart from that, one of the most important mysteries is whether Sato, a vicious but kind Chihara-Kai member, is still alive after being stabbed multiple times. When “Tokyo Vice” season 2 starts, viewers will have to discover for themselves how Adelstein and his network of friends and confidants continue to navigate the underbelly of Tokyo.