The Wheel of Time’s Barney Harris Jokes about Mat’s “Irritating” Friends

Barney Harris, actor, jokes that Mat Cauthon’s serious friends find him irritating in Amazon’s The Wheel of Time adaptation.

Barney Harris, the star behind the Wheel of Time’s Matrim Cathon, joked that Mat was in the company of “irritating” friends.

Harris shared his thoughts on the character in an IGN First video uploaded to YouTube. In the new series, Mat is one of five characters who are forced to leave their village by the Aes Sedai Moiraine. (Rosamund Pike). Harris gave a brief overview about his character and said that Mat is “probably seen as the kind of light relief in the books and the series, but he can be much more complex.” Harris claims that Harris finds his light-hearted personality to be quite annoying, compared to the serious nature of the other members of the group.

Harris said that Mat offers more depth than the superficial relief he provides. Harris went on to discuss Mat’s inner monologue, saying, “I believe his kind of inner monologue is very similar to, “I’m not worthy of this.” It could be because of his poverty and the idea of reincarnation as well as the things he’s done in the past. Although he sees himself as a very bad person, his actions are always positive.”

Harris specifically refers to the revelation that Moiraine seeks the Dragon Reborn. According to world lore, this figure is a man’s soul that has been reincarnated. Mat, his friends from Emond’s Field, are all potential candidates for this reincarnated being. Mat is concerned because the Dragon was responsible The Wheel of Time for the Breaking of the World. This was a major event in History. Harris’ comments indicate that Mat is very concerned about being the Dragon Reborn. They are believed to be destined either for great good or further evil.

Harris spoke out about Rand and Perrin as his close friends. “Mat and Rand have grown up together. He said that they have known each other since childhood and are very friendly with one another. “I find him to be quite stubborn and serious, which I find very irritating. Both of them are irritating to me. I don’t know why they are friends with me. They are loyal, loving, and good friends to my family.”

Recently, it was announced that Harris would not be continuing to play Mat in Season 2. Star Donal Finn will take over the role. The reason for the change is not yet known.

The first three episodes of the Wheel of Time will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting Nov. 19.