What is Known About the “Bonus Episode” of “The Sandman”

Here is what is known about “The Sandman’s” bonus episode, or at least the additional video, that is rumored to be on Netflix’s hard drives. On August 5th, the ten-episode first season of the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s sweeping graphic novel series debuted on the streaming platform. An extra episode, or at least some bonus material, is already planned to continue the story of the Sandman, the Dream of the Endless, according to an official Netflix web series on YouTube.

Drag queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova’s web series I Like to Watch, which premiered on YouTube on August 13th, featured the hosts discussing The Sandman.” Although the episode was only 24 minutes long, a lot of screen time was devoted to material that Netflix subscribers had never seen in a comic book adaptation of the complicated stories of the Kingdom of Dreams and the Waking World. The program, which starred Tom Sturridge as Lord Morpheus, also known as Dream of the Endless, held the top spot on Netflix for a week after its debut and saw approximately 70 million hours of viewing in its first three days.

What Happened To The “Leaked” Bonus Footage From “The Sandman?”

Trixie and Katya may be seen commenting on the introduction to “The Sandman” and several scenes from the first episode in screenshots shared on Twitter. When compared to what was made available on Netflix, viewers immediately noticed a discrepancy: While Morpheus’ trench coat is entirely black in the episode 1 introduction, it has flame-fringed sleeves in the I Like to Watch video. The fact that part of what Trixie and Katya were seeing and commenting on YouTube didn’t show at all in the 10 Sandman episodes on Netflix was more meaningful to viewers. The YouTube video was made private in what seemed to be a matter of hours.

What the bonus episode of “The Sandman” contains and reveals

Trixie and Katya are seen enjoying a two-minute long animated sequence of cats living in what seems to be a variation of “The Sandman’s” Waking World in screen grabs from the YouTube video shared on Twitter. A man drowns numerous kittens midway through, and the tone abruptly changes. As enormous cats stalk through a forest scene playing with and devouring naked humans, a narrator declares, “Many seasons ago, cats truly dominated this world.” The scenes were taken from “The Sandman” collection Dream Country story “A Dream of a Thousand Cats.”

Trixie and Katya witness a heated conversation between Dream and a woman who appears to be Calliope, played by Greek-Canadian actress Melissanthi Mahut, in another minute-long scene. One of the Greek mythology’s Muses, Calliope, appears in a story with the same name that is also included in The Sandman’s Dream Country collection. Calliope is imprisoned in the comic book series by a writer who is inspired by her presence. The Furies, who appear as the Fates in “The Sandman” episode 2, respond to Calliope’s request by directing her to Sandman’s Dream of the Endless, who is at the time also imprisoned.

When will the “Bonus Episode” of “The Sandman” (a special or season 2) air?

Trixie and Katya summarize “The Sandman” in the now-private YouTube video by declaring, “It is complete! It has desires, dreams, and drowns young kittens.” Clearly, Netflix wasn’t going to announce the existence of a bonus episode to the public this early on. Even though “Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope” are from the same collection of “The Sandman” comic books, it seems doubtful that they are from the same episode based on their visual adaptations, as can be seen in the video. It’s conceivable that at least two unaired Sandman episodes are hiding behind Netflix’s security. Neil Gaiman and the production firm have not responded to the leaked material, so rumors will persist. Perhaps a Christmas special will be broadcast in the coming months, or perhaps the clip on YouTube was actually from “The Sandman” season 2.

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