“The Sandman” Show Is Set To Premiere On Netflix This Summer

After a lengthy wait, Netflix has finally announced the premiere date for “The Sandman”, a television series based on Neil Gaiman’s characters. “The Sandman”, one of the most critically acclaimed comic book titles, is set to make its live-action debut on television. Originally, David S. Goyer planned to make The Sandman a live-action feature picture. Netflix is slated to become a platform for “The Sandman” universe, bringing Gaiman’s iconic creations to life after years of development hell.

“The Sandman” tells the story of the Endless, a family who embodies important and powerful components of the universe, on their epic adventure. Morpheus, a.k.a. Dream, is one of the primary characters in the show, having escaped his incarceration after more than a century. The Netflix adaptation of “The Sandman” will take place in present times and will follow Morpheus on his quest to restore order to the Kingdom of Dreaming, as well as his broader family. The showrunner is Allan Heinberg, and the executive producers are Neil Gaiman and David Goyer.

While Netflix began production on “The Sandman” in June 2019, it has taken nearly three years for the series to be released, but the wait is nearly over. Netflix Geeked is taking place this week as the platform promotes new and returning originals, including “The Sandman”. During the event, Netflix confirmed that “The Sandman” season 1 will release on Friday, August 5th, with a 12-episode order.

Based on the visuals and footage released thus far, “The Sandman” will not only be one of Netflix’s most popular fantasy series, but also one of the most ambitious comic book adaptations. While Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus will play a supporting role, “The Sandman” features a large ensemble that will bring Gaiman’s characters to life on screen. Jenna Coleman portrays Johanna Constantine, Kirby Baptiste-Howell portrays Death, Vivienne Acheampong portrays Lucienne, Mason Alexander Park portrays Desire, Donna Preston portrays Despair, and Boyd Holbrook portrays The Corinthian in “The Sandman”. Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones will also play Lucifer Morningstar, whose version is more in line with Gaiman’s creation than Tom Ellis’ Lucifer.

While the comic book and superhero live-action world is already crowded, “The Sandman” appears to be a breath of fresh air. The narrative and concepts associated with Neil Gaiman’s critically renowned comic series have the potential to keep the show on Netflix for multiple seasons. Despite the long wait since the event was announced in 2019, it already appears that the wait will be worthwhile. “The Sandman” will be a wonderful addition to Netflix’s roster of original TV shows, given it is already a large platform for sci-fi and fantasy programming.

Powers, Johanna Constantine, and Corinthian In “The Sandman” Trailer