How Old Actually Is Dream in “The Sandman” TV Series?

How old is Tom Sturridge’s character Dream of the Endless in “The Sandman”? The first two volumes, Preludes and Nocturnes, and The Doll’s House will be adapted for the supernatural fantasy series on Netflix, which is executive produced by Neil Gaiman, who wrote: “The Sandman” for DC Comics. An eclectic array of characters, including Lady Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong), The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), and Dream’s elder sister, Death, will join Dream, also known as Morpheus the Lord of Dreams, in “The Sandman” (Kirby Howell-Baptiste).

Dream is taken and held captive by a British mage named Roderick Burgess at the start of The Sandman (Charles Dance). The so-called Magus wanted to catch Death and have her bring back Burgess’s son in exchange for giving the warlock eternal life. Instead, the sorcerer managed to capture and imprison the dream king for more than a century. When Dream eventually succeeds in escaping, he discovers that the Dreaming is in ruins and that his magical tools—a helmet, a ruby, and a bag of dream sand—have been misplaced. In “The Sandman” season 1, Dream sets out on a mission to reclaim his power and restore the Dreaming, while Morpheus’ long-standing adversaries plot his final demise.

Dream may seem tall, gaunt, pale, and a fan of gothic black, but the “Sandman” is not a mortal. Dream is an anthropomorphic personification and one of the Endless. It was created not long after the cosmos was formed, and the earliest living things acquired the ability to dream. Dream has existed for billions of years. Dream will endure until the universe’s final living things perish, like the other Endless. Dream believes he will vanish when there is no one left who can dream. Dream is a fallible person who has committed innumerable blunders and enemies throughout his extraordinarily long life, despite being almost as old as time. “The Sandman” examines Dream’s development and transformation following his escape from a century of imprisonment.

In “The Sandman,” how old are The Endless?

Along with Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire (Mason Alexander Park), Despair (Donna Preston), and Delirium, Dream is the third member of his extended family, the Endless. Time is the parent of all Endless, whereas Night is the mother of Dream and, conceivably, some others. The youngest of Dream’s siblings were born not long after the universe’s first life forms were capable of inflicting devastation or experiencing desire, despair, or delirium, making the Endless all billions of years old.

The Endless are powerful beings who reside in their respective realms. Each Endless has a gallery in which they keep sigils for each of their siblings, which they can call upon to summon the other Endless. The Endless do occasionally meet and even eat together, though gatherings are uncommon. However, Destruction neglected his duties, and the Prodigal had long since fled the Endless. Desire and Despair are close, as are Dream and Death, but sibling rivalry among the Endless is widespread. The tragedies that the ruler of the night kingdoms endures in “The Sandman” season 1 are fueled by Desire’s particular hate of Dream. The Endless, who have been around for billions of years, are just as flawed, selfish, and honorable as the people in “The Sandman.”

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