Dream’s Hob Gadling Rule Will Be Violated Again by “The Sandman” Season 2

In “The Sandman” season 1, Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) was compelled to cancel his appointment with Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley), and he will continue to disobey this rule in “The Sandman” season 2. The Sound of Her Wings, the sixth episode of “The Sandman,” tells the tale of Morpheus’ strange bond with Hob. Hob turns out to be a crucial link between Dream and people, and the immortal Englishman symbolizes how the king of dreams is improving.

A strange bet between Dream and his older sister, Death, led to Hob’s endless life (Kirby Howell-Baptiste). Death granted Hob his wish for immortality so that Morpheus might learn more about humans since Death felt that Dream is too far from the people whose dreams he controls. The Endless family overheard Hob, a chatty Brit, declare in 1389 that he never wanted to die. Assuming that Gadling would eventually plead for death, Death made Hob Dream his “project,” and the Sandman promised to see Hob once every hundred years. Hob was a talkative charmer who enjoyed life whether he was prosperous and flourishing or spent decades in poverty and sorrow, which surprised Dream of the Endless. During Dream and Hob’s gatherings every hundred years, they ran with historical personalities, including William Shakespeare (Samuel Blenkin) in 1589 and Lady Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), who mistook them for “the Devil and the Wandering Jew” in 1789.

Hob attends their centennial gatherings out of friendship because he and Dream had a falling out in 1889 when the Sandman took offense at Gadling’s suggestion that he was lonely. Due to Dream’s 1916 capture by the British warlock Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance), which caused a worldwide sleeping disorder, Morpheus missed their 1989 meeting. The captivity of Morpheus continued until his escape in 2021. Hob imagined Dream was still upset with him when he “stood up.” Even though Dream arrived late, he eventually joined Hob, demonstrating that the Sandman still views Hob as a friend. But regardless of whether their next encounter takes place in 2089 or is now pushed back to 2121, Dream will breach their rule of every hundred years once more in season two of The Sandman. Morpheus visits Hob in his dreams and enjoys a bottle of expensive vintage wine with his companion in the Season of Mists story that season 2 will adapt. The dream king was concerned that Dream wouldn’t return since he had intended to go back to Hell and seek the freedom of his old girlfriend, Nada (Deborah Oyelade). Morpheus made careful to bid Hob a probable farewell decades before their next scheduled encounter.

Why Dream at Last Acknowledged Hob as His Friend

Death probably hoped in the big scheme of things that Dream would befriend Hob. Morpheus confirmed that he and Hob are friends after all, even though it took the Sandman 632 years to realize it. However, Dream is not the same Sandman who hurriedly left Hob in 1889. After being cut off from the Dreaming, Morpheus was imprisoned in solitude for more than a century. The Dreaming was broken when he got back to his realm. However, Morpheus connected with people like Joanna Constantine in ways he hadn’t previously while on his mission to recover his missing emblems of office, and the king of dreams’ opinions of mortals – and one human in particular – started to shift. Dream suddenly realized that Hob has been there for him the entire time and that he does need companionship, perhaps as Death had meant.

Hob is a special character in “The Sandman” because he sincerely enjoys life, and Dream eventually caught his limitless zest for living. The most touching scene in “The Sandman” season 1 was perhaps when Morpheus finally joined Hob in his new pub in 2021. Dream cherishes Hob so much that in case he again misses their centennial celebration in season 2 of “The Sandman,” he will make sure to say goodbye to him.

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