Dream Has Had Many Names In “The Sandman”

The Sandman” gives Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) a variety of names and titles that reflect how different cultures and peoples view the lord of dreams. “The Sandman“, a Netflix original series produced by Neil Gaiman, Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman), and David S. Goyer, is the long-awaited adaptation of Gaiman’s beloved DC Comics graphic novels (Man of Steel). Preludes and Nocturnes and The Doll’s House, the first two volumes of Gaiman’s comics, are adapted for “The Sandman” season 1.

Dream is taken prisoner by Roderick Burgess, a British mage, in the opening scene of Netflix’s “The Sandman” (Charles Dance). In reality, the so-called Magus was after Dream’s older sister, Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), but ended up with the dream master. After being imprisoned for more than a century, Dream escapes and sets out on a mission to recover the office supplies that were taken from him, including his ruby, helmet, and bag of dream sand, in order to rebuild his destroyed realm, the Dreaming. “The Sandman’s” enemies, both old and new, plan to stop him as he sets out on his journey. Meanwhile, the cold and distant Dream starts to change as he learns more about the people whose dreams he governs, thanks to encounters with people like Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman).

Dream is linked to every living thing capable of dreaming because it is one of the Endless, a “family” of anthropomorphic personifications that was created billions of years ago when life entered the universe. One of his many names, Morpheus, is known by various names, and he even takes on various forms depending on how each culture views the king of dreams. Dream has been around for ages, walking among mortals and ruling over their dreams in his realm, the Dreaming. As a result, Dream is known by many names, and Sandman has received many titles and honorifics over the years.

Explaining Dream’s Various Titles & Names in “The Sandman

  • The true Sandman is Dream and Dream of the Endless. After Destiny and Death, Dream is the third member of the Endless, and he is older than his siblings Destruction, Desire (Mason Alexander Park), Despair (Donna Preston), and Delirium.
  • Dream likes and has adopted the name Morpheus, which is the ancient Greek name for the master of dreams. He is also frequently referred to as Lord Morpheus.
  • Another title for Dream, who rules the Dreaming, the place where mortals go to live out their stories and fantasies while they sleep, is Prince of Stories.
  • The Sandman” goes by the titles Master of Dreams and Lord of Dreams to signify his control over the dream world.
  • Another term for Dream’s rule over his realm is “Lord of the Dreaming”
  • Nada, one of Dream’s former lovers, went by the name Kai’ckul, and her tribe, the First People, referred to him as Morpheus 10,000 years ago.
  • Lord Shaper and World Shaper are titles that describe Morpheus’ ability to mold dreams.
  • Not all dreams are pleasant, and Dream also rules over nightmares like The Corinthian, according to the phrase “King of the Nightmare Realms” (Boyd Holbrook).
  • Oneiros and Oneiromancer are terms for Sandman that derive from the Ancient Greek method of personifying dreams. Dream had a son named Orpheus after marrying Calliope, also known as Oneiros.
  • Another title for Dream is Monarch of the Sleeping Marches.
  • The ruler of the Dreaming has the self-evident title of Master of the Realm of Sleep.
  • Shaper of Forms alludes to how Dream can affect not only a mortal’s dreams but also how a mortal views Dream.
  • Respectful names for Dream of the Endless include King of All Night’s Dreaming and Lord of the Dreamworld.
  • If “The Sandman” is chosen to adapt the tale A Game of You, it will be explained why Murphy is Dream’s most peculiar name.
  • Martians like J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, refer to the dream king as Lord L’Zoril.
  • Last but not least, Dream is also known as “Mr. Sandman” or simply “The Sandman“, both of which are references to the character in the children’s fairytale (and popular song) who pours sand into your eyes while you’re asleep and causes you to dream.