The Sandman. (L to R) Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar, Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 104 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

A Dream/Lucifer Rematch Will be Included In Sandman Season 2, According to Gaiman

Dream and Lucifer will square off again in season 2 of “The Sandman,” according to series creator Neil Gaiman, following their dramatic encounter in the show’s first season. Gaiman shot down several projects he deemed to be subpar, which caused the development of an adaptation of his writings to stall for the greater part of three decades. After initially considering Logan director James Mangold and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke—whose pitches Gaiman disapproved of—the two eventually teamed up with Blade writer David S. Goyer, who was slated to produce and develop a film adaptation, and Wonder Woman’s Allan Heinberg for a Netflix series—to adapt The Sandman for television.

“The Sandman” stars Tom Sturridge as Dream, one of the seven Endless, who is kidnapped and imprisoned by occultist Roderick Burgess for a century before eventually breaking free and discovering his Kingdom of the Dreaming in ruins. Dream enlists the aid of several characters, including his Endless sister, Kirby Howell-Death, Baptiste’s Jenna Coleman’s Johanna Constantine, and Vivienne Acheampong’s Lucienne, to reclaim his totems of power and aid in the restoration of his Kingdom. In “The Sandman,” Dream is also up against several enemies, including Boyd Holbrook’s escaped nightmare, The Corinthian, David Thewlis’ deranged John Dee, and Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer Morningstar, who, according to Gaiman, will appear more frequently in the future.

Neil Gaiman discussed what viewers might anticipate from “The Sandman” season 2 in an interview with Newsweek for the Netflix series. The creator of the comic book and television series hinted that viewers aren’t ready for what comes next and said that a rematch between Dream and Lucifer would appear in season 2. Gaiman’s comments are below.

“We just carry on with this story [in Season 2]. That’s kind of marvelous that anybody who has seen Season 1… when we tell them that Season 2 is going to begin with the big Lucifer-Morpheus rematch they get very excited. Little do they know what’s going to happen and that they are simply not prepared for where it’s gonna go.”

Although there was discord among Lucifer fans when Gwendoline Christie replaced Tom Ellis as Lucifer in “The Sandman,” her performance as the King of Hell received generally positive reviews, particularly during the fight between Lucifer and Dream in episode 4. Gaiman has commended how the show altered The Oldest Game and revealed that Lucifer changed it from straightforward combat against a demon to capitalize on having Christie in the cast. The fourth volume of the comic book series, Season of Mists, saw Lucifer expel all demons and damned souls from Hell, abdicate as its ruler, and leave Morpheus to key to Hell, essentially putting him in charge. Gaiman mentioned that a potential “The Sandman” season 2 would adapt elements from this chapter.

It’s intriguing that Gaiman mentions a prospective adaptation, given his statement on what would be used in the show’s future. Rematches between Dream and Lucifer will appear in “The Sandman” season 2, suggesting that the original material has changed. The Season of Mists storyline may also be slightly altered due to Gaiman’s remarks, with the two engaging in a rematch over Dream’s desire to retrieve Nada’s soul from Hell, ultimately leading to Lucifer’s demise as king. The Sandman season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix for viewers to catch up while they wait for renewal news.

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