The “Rings of Power”: New and Canon Characters

To learn as much as we could about the upcoming “Lord of the Rings” TV series on Prime Video, we spoke with the cast.
To put it mildly, the “Rings of Power” TV adaptation of The “Lord of the Rings” has a sizable cast. In the first season alone, more than twenty new characters—many of them unique to the show but some of which are well-known—are introduced. Even characters you may be familiar with, such as Elrond and Galadriel, are appearing in radically different settings than in the Peter Jackson trilogy. After all, this story takes place hundreds of years before the events of Fellowship, in a time when even the primary sources are occasionally wildly speculative.

Fortunately, as the premiere date of the show approaches, we’ve had more chances to finally piece together who some of these characters are, thanks to the countless teasers, trailers, and posters Amazon has disseminated to advertise the project. Finally, GameSpot was able to catch up with some of the actors at San Diego Comic-Con and get the inside scoop on their characters from them. To aid you in navigating the strange and wonderful world of Middle-Second earth’s Age, we’ve compiled all the information we know about the “Rings of Power” cast, complete with quotes from the actors or, in the absence of those, details we’ve gleaned from the trailers.

Don’t expect us to have all the answers just yet; there are still a lot of big questions in the mix, including the man who might or might not be Sauron, a few brand-new characters who are still very mysterious, and even a man whose name literally means “The Stranger.” You’ll have to wait until the show’s Prime Video debut on September 2 to see that.


In her younger years, Galadriel is portrayed by Morfydd Clark. This version of the character, according to Clark, is a warrior in the mold of an Amazon who is still developing into the “elder stateswoman” we meet in Fellowship. Galadriel can be seen in the trailers engaging in a variety of adventures while wearing armor. She and Elrond are also friendly, if not close friends.


Speaking of Elrond, this version of the character is portrayed by Robert Aramayo. At SDCC, Aramayo remarked, “Although he is a thousand years old, he is still a young elf in terms of his life experiences. He has a strong sense of curiosity and is eager to discover the world’s various cultures. He is the king’s very devoted and loyal servant. He is progressing, but he is not yet in charge of anything.”


Celebrimbor, the infamous elf who created the “Rings of Power“, hasn’t really been given much attention in Tokien’s canon. Charles Edwards, who portrays him on the show, said the following about him: “He takes a path he shouldn’t take, as we shall see. However, as we see him now—and Tolkien says this—the Elves were not at peace in their hearts, which suggests an unrest, a restlessness, which I really liked and picked up on because Celebrimbor is not a subject that receives a lot of written attention. But I enjoyed gathering these tidbits of character-building advice. So, yes, he is a little disoriented when we find him.” […] It’s even more exciting to have a few conflicting quotes from Tolkien because you can infer that he wasn’t sure of anything, which makes it easier to decide to work on the problem jointly.