“Last of Us” Original Tommy Actor Speaks Out In Support Of Upcoming HBO Show

The original Tommy in the video game “The Last of Us,” Jeffrey Pierce, recently expressed his support for the impending HBO adaptation. The 10-episode series is based on the well-liked and critically acclaimed video game of the same name, a Playstation-exclusive that cast the player in the role of Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal), a grizzled survivor who must travel across a nation infested with zombies to deliver a 14-year-old girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to a militant revolutionary group known as the Fireflies. Joel initially rejects the mission but soon comes to appreciate its significance after learning that Ellie might hold the key to developing a treatment that could save the entire world.

Photos and videos of The Last of Us sets around Canada taken during filming over the summer show that the upcoming television series seems to be very authentic to the original video game. The show’s general visual has been acclaimed for its realism, from the appearance of characters like the Hunters to the architecture of specific locations like the iconic Saint Mary’s Hospital. Specific locations have been modified, and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) is now deaf. There were spoken passages directly lifted from the video game in even the small excerpt from HBO Max’s most recent promo. Recent accolades from Pierce might help to explain why the franchise has given the first game so much respect.

“The Last of Us” voice actor and performance actor Pierce recently expressed his support for the impending HBO television series on social media. In order to ensure that the adaptation was true to the original game, the actor reassured fans that the crew was primarily made up of show fans. Pierce commended their efforts and assured their supporters that they would not “let them down.” See Pierce’s tweet in the section below.

Pierce’s support is highly commended because the actor has the qualifications to support it. He played a part in the video games “The Last of Us” and The Last of Us Part II, as well as in the planned Perry-centric series. Given that he has been a member of the franchise for 10 years, he probably has extensive understanding of the game.

It makes sense to use fans of the original video game to create the series because the creators will want to give the best possible account of what made “The Last of Us” one of the most celebrated video games in history. The recent footage, which shows Joel with his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) and Nick Offerman’s portrayal of Bill that seems to have been taken straight from the game, only serves to support Pierce’s assertion. Audiences will have to wait and see if “The Last of Us,” which is anticipated for release in 2023, truly stays true to the original game.

The Star of “The Last of Us”: HBO Show is Respectful with Adapted Game