New Character Is Revealed For “The Last of Us” TV Show

Natasha Mumba has joined the cast of HBO’s “The Last Of Us” as Kim Tembo, a new character. The new series will adapt the blockbuster computer game of the same name, which follows Joel Miller and Ellie, a little girl, as they strive to escape the apocalypse. Ellie, unbeknownst to them both, has the secret to save the planet from the infection that has spawned hordes of ‘clickers,’ posing a threat to the globe’s last survivors. The series is presently under production and is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) will portray Joel, while Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) will play Ellie, with an ensemble cast that includes Anna Torv, Murray Bartlett, and Gabriel Luna. Neil Druckmann, the game’s developer, will co-direct the project with Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin, with the show’s production being kept mainly under wraps throughout. Druckmann recently teased the series with a simple image of both Pascal and Ramsey in costume on their backs. However, there has been very nothing else released.

While a number of recognizable characters from the game will be brought to life on screen in The Last Of Us, the series will also introduce some new non-game characters, with actor Brad Leland just joining the cast in a new role.

Kim Tembo, a non-game character, has now been added to the series, and Mumba is scheduled to play this exciting new part. Mumba confirmed the casting by amending her Instagram bio to include her future credit, according to @TheLastOfUsNews on Twitter. Not only did the actor confirm her role in the series, but she also disclosed the name of her character, since her bio now reads “Kim Tembo in @thelastofus” among other things. Take a look at the article below.

Since Kim Tembo hasn’t been in either of “The Last Of Us” games, fans have speculated about how important the character’s involvement in the tale could be, as well as whether Mumba’s casting will appear again in the series. Mumba’s previous credits include The Handmaid’s Tale and Y: The Last Man, both of which are incredibly drama-driven, so it will be fascinating to see what he brings to this new HBO series, which will also lean heavily into the drama as it tackles the harrowing realities of surviving in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Because the game is set to expand on “The Last Of Us” universe, it’s not surprising that new characters will be introduced to the series, as they will most likely help to flesh out the tale over the course of the 10-episode season. Kim Tembo could play a crucial role in how the events of the series unfold, as it was already revealed that the series would make certain adjustments to the original tale. As production progresses, fans should expect more insights on Mumba’s character; but, given how limited details have been up to this point, it’s likely that this will continue until “The Last Of Us” is officially released.