The Last Of Us Gets a Mention During the 2020 Olympics.

During the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo’s Women’s Wrestling competition, a commentator casually called out The Last of Us.

The women’s wrestling competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was briefly highlighted for The Last of Us. A commentator has provided the following: Gaming has been mentioned more than once during the Summer 2020 Olympics. The Parade of Nations, which took place on July 23, was the most notable. Orchestral renditions video game music. Nintendo, who was conspicuously absent during the planning stages, reportedly participated in the celebrations but pulled out after a leadership change and disagreements about cut content.

Video games were also loved by many competitors. Vitalina Batsarashkina, a Russian sports shooter who is also a fan of Witcher, won a gold medal and a Cat School medallion. Batsarashkina returned home from her win to be greeted by a Russian folk group singing “Toss a Coin To Your Witcher.” Kelly Claes from the United States gave a shoutout to Marvel’s Spider-Man and told interviewers that it was the game she played while on her break at the Olympics.

A commentator quickly mentioned The Last of Us during the Olympics’ Women’s Wrestling Match between China’s Feng Zhou and USA’s Tamyra Mensah-Stock. Mensah Stock defeated her opponent, and the commentator noted that Mensah Stock loves to watch zombie movies and play zombie video games. The talk teased that Mensah-Stock was very close to being in a position to look at the rest of her field and declare that she is the last of them, as all the other competitors are disappearing. It’s a smart nod and one that proved to be somewhat prophetic as Mensah Stock later became the first Black woman to win the U.S. wrestling gold medal. Fantastic_Panic, a Reddit user, shared a video of the TLoU moment. It was then shared on Twitter by Naughty Dog.

Commentator for Olympics Women’s Wrestling casually drops a TLoU reference. from thelastofus

Video games are often cited throughout the world, as we have already mentioned. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Others loved pop culture icons did the same, with Kiran Badloe being one of the most notable. A Dutch Windsurfer, Kiran Badloe, wore an adorable hat.

The Last of Us Original hit PlayStation 3 in June 2013, and the game was migrated to PlayStation 4 for a remaster. The sequel was released last summer on PS4, breaking all previous PlayStation sales records, and became the most-awarded game in history. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next adventure in the franchise’s history – a live-action television adaptation on HBO.