What Can We Expect From The New Upcoming TV series “The Dropout”?

The decisive day will be tomorrow. It will be determined whether Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and her business partner, ex-boyfriend Sunny Balwani, will be found guilty. The concluding arguments will determine whether both will receive a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison. The truth about Theranos’ faulty blood testing technology and thus investor fraud has been brought to light.

Hulu has published the first insights from the new upcoming American television drama mini-series The Dropout. The existing footage shows Elizabeth Holmes, the main character in the series, played by Amanda Seyfried. Dressed in an all-black outfit from neck to bottom, leaving white skin showing as well as making quite an overall contrast with white, black, and bright red lips.

When it was first announced that Hulu will be making a TV series, based on a podcast with the same name – Rebecca Jarvis and the ABC News podcast “The Dropout”, Kate McKinnon was expected to play the lead role in the series. However, she exited the project in February 2021.