Amanda Seyfried Initially Turned Down The Role Of Elizabeth Holmes

In the upcoming Hulu series “The Dropout”, Amanda Seyfried initially turned down the part of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos.

The invitation to play Elizabeth Holmes in the forthcoming Hulu series “The Dropout” was first turned down by Amanda Seyfried. The series will follow Holmes, the founder of Theranos, who was recently convicted guilty of fraud and conspiracy charges. The documentary will follow Holmes’ growth as a biotechnology entrepreneur, whose business was valued at $10 billion in 2013, as well as Holmes’ and Theranos’ eventual demise. Due to the company’s fraudulent claims about its medical technology, which it claimed as being able to conduct a myriad of medical tests with only a few drops of blood, Theranos was investigated in 2015 and subsequently charged with fraud in 2018.

Despite the fact that Holmes and Theranos received a lot of media attention when the 11 accusations of fraud were published, there hasn’t been much information about Holmes’ personality. Kate McKinnon was originally cast in the part of Sherlock Holmes, but she declined since the location and scheduling of the production required her to be away from her family. The opportunity was made to Seyfried while she was in Savannah, Georgia, because McKinnon was no longer slated to portray Holmes.

According to THR, Seyfried said that when she was offered the role of Holmes, she was sequestered in the basement of a Savannah mansion owing to having Covid. The prospect of having to fly to the West Coast to film the series, as well as all of the challenges that come with portraying real-life characters, led Seyfried to fear she would decline the job. However, after further consideration, she decided to take the job because of the complexity and distinctiveness of the position. Another reason Seyfried was drawn to the role of Holmes was the opportunity to delve more into why a “fall from grace” tale is so captivating. Below is a whole quotation from Seyfried:

“It’s really going to be difficult. It’s a huge challenge. But I can’t believe that I get a challenge like this.”

“This is not just about showing all the points where this woman made bad choices. We’re investigating why we love a fall from grace, why we want to watch train wrecks.”

One of the reasons Seyfried recognized the job would be difficult was that she would need to conduct extensive research about Holmes’ life and interactions with the media in order to even begin to gain a feel of who she was as a person. Another issue Seyfried identified was Holmes’ very deep voice, which she felt she would be physically unable of recreating. However, Seyfried’s voice appears to have been deepened from its typical tone in the teaser. Focusing on Holmes’ other physical characteristics, as well as the emotional motivation behind her acts, may result in a greater performance than someone who is continually attempting to execute a precise voice impersonation.

From her role in the musical Mamma Mia! to her Oscar-nominated performance in David Fincher’s most recent thriller, Mank, Seyfried has shown a wide spectrum of acting abilities throughout her career. Seyfried’s preparation for the part, which she characterizes as “reviewing as much film of Holmes as possible,” combined with the real-life narrative that is still fresh in the public’s consciousness, might result in a potentially interesting series. Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird), Stephen Fry (V for Vendetta), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Pitch Perfect), and Michaela Watkins (Casual) are just a handful of the A-list performers in The Dropout‘s” supporting ensemble. On March 3, when “The Dropout” appears on Hulu, audiences will be able to decide for themselves if Seyfried’s decision to play Holmes and her efforts to capture the spirit of the perplexing character paid off.