The Developer Of “God Of War Ragnarök” Suggests That The Game Is Playable

While no official release date has been set, a tweet from a “God of War Ragnarök” developer hints that the game is playable.

According to recent tweets from a “God of War Ragnarök” developer, the game is currently playable. Following a postponement from 2021 to 2022, all eyes are on “God of War Ragnarök”, with the gaming world eagerly expecting the release of the next installment in the landmark PlayStation franchise.

God of War was a huge hit for Sony in 2018, reinforcing the mythological beat-em-status up’s as one of the company’s most important IPs. Many of the story’s major threads were left unsolved in that game, which definitely built up a dramatic sequel. In the four years after the initial God of War reboot, players have been eager to learn more about the next chapter in Kratos and Atreus’ journey, as well as how it would relate to the titular Norse catastrophe. Ragnarök has been generating buzz since its State of Play demo release in September, with God of War actors promoting the game alongside its many creative and dedicated devs.

While some gamers believe “God of War Ragnarök” will be delayed again, a tweet from lead destruction artist Ruben Morales (via DualShockers) contradicts this. Morales tweeted a video of his little daughter playing the 2018 God of War, but it’s the description that’s likely to get the most attention: Morales says that his daughter “loves playing the new game,” but he can’t display footage from it, so he instead shared the video of her enjoying the 2018 edition. Of course, this means that a playable version of “God of War Ragnarök” is accessible.

Morales’ post is imprecise, so it’s difficult to say how complete the game is right now. “God of War Ragnarök” does not yet have a release date, but if Santa Monica Studios actually wants to release the game in 2022, it is most likely already fully done. More gameplay footage for Ragnarök is undoubtedly on the way, so fans can expect a more official look at the game shortly.

Even still, it would have been fascinating to observe exactly aspects of the game Morales was referring to in his tweet. While the gameplay exhibited at State of Play in September was thrilling, it was more of a teaser than a thorough demonstration of what the game will be like. Players will have to rely on their imaginations and this teaser until the makers of “God of War Ragnarök” decide to show off more of the game.