This Color Theory Could Change How You View Squid Game

Netflix’s “Squid Game”, a Netflix series, isn’t too detailed and doesn’t hesitate to use strange symbolism, such as giving Gi-hun (Lee Jungjae), a bright red granny cut mid-way through the last episode. People have been eager to examine the many Easter eggs in the highly-rated show.

Fans will find plenty to explore due to the highly stylized nature “Squid Game”. The show’s mysterious plot and stunning visual design make it a gift that will never stop giving.

One fan has found a way to include the show’s eye-catching colours in the theory. Continue reading to learn more about the color theory that could transform the way you view “Squid Game.”

You might not realize the depth of meaning and colors that they can have.

Reddit user ModestyGideon explains the theory behind “Squid Game’s colors. He claims that almost every major element in “Squid Game,” is color-coded. Green refers to players and their jumpsuits. The workers are dressed in magenta, which is thought to be a code for “system”. ModestyGideon takes it a step further, noting that the non-playing players are color-coded in cyan while the huge piggy bank that used to hold the prize money was yellow.

Here’s where the fun begins. The redditor wrote that Cyan (person), pursues Yellow money, it becomes Green player. He continued: “When Cyan [person] pursues Magenta system, they become Blue (part the system),” referring specifically to the show’s ultimately ineffective police force. The theory goes on to say that Magenta (system), pursues Yellow money, and they become Red blood. This refers to the doomed organ trade business magenta workers are involved in. This theory states that even Lee Byung-hun, the black-clad Front Man, fits the theme since he was a player who won the prize and controls the game. According to Tomo Studio, his color code is black because he has all the main colors.

Although this theory is not confirmed, it is intriguing. It’s possible that the redditor who suggested this idea may have been right on the money, considering how “Squid Game”, and its visuals, seem very meticulously planned.