“Squid Game” Season 2 Will Include More Games, According to the Creator

According to program creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, the forthcoming season 2 of Netflix’s surprise success “Squid Game” will include more lethal challenges for its competitors.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the designer of “Squid Game” , said more games are in the works for Season 2. The drama, which swiftly became one of Netflix’s most popular shows, follows 456 individuals who enter a competition in the hopes of winning a life-changing sum if they can survive the show’s deadly challenges. The popularity of Squid Game was recently recognized during this year’s award season, with the program winning three SAG awards and a Golden Globe.

While the popularity of “Squid Game” may be attributed to outstanding storytelling and world-building, the game’s major draw is its unusual and horrifying assortment of tournaments. The show showcases harmless games turned deadly, turning childhood favorites like tug of war and even marbles into killer events, but “Squid Game” ‘s most renowned game of all was its inaugural event. Red Light Green Light, one of the show’s most dangerous games, forced participants to halt moving when a scary, huge mechanical doll turned around. The doll was also used as an unofficial “Squid Game” mascot, with the game recently urging a group of enthusiasts to rebuild the robot in real life.

And now, Dong-hyuk, the showrunner, has stated that he has additional game ideas for season 2, even if he isn’t yet ready to disclose them. Dong-hyuk told Deadline at the PGA Awards, “there will be more fantastic games, that’s all I can say.” He also confirmed that Season 2 is still in its early stages, saying, “I’m just brainstorming and collecting ideas for Season 2.” “I haven’t even begun writing yet.”

Of course, fans will see popular events return, but new games would be a welcome addition to “Squid Game” ‘s lethal competition. With such a vibrant and innovative premise, Dong-hyuk has a plethora of alternatives to make season 2 as popular as the first. More “Squid Game” , on the other hand, appears to be a long way off, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as fans of the program will no doubt prefer Dong-hyuk to take his time bringing future seasons to life.

Following the cliffhanger finish of Season 1, “Squid Game” could have easily moved away from more games and gone in a whole other route. The series concluded with the show’s main and single survivor, Seong Gi-hun, determined to put a stop to the games once and for all, despite a warning from the game’s leaders. With Dong-hyuk already organizing his next round of lethal games, it appears that Seong will be involved in more terrifying“Squid Game” battles in the future.