Masked actors pose for a photo during an event organized by the Enigma Room escape game in Milan on November 14, 2021, where participants play some of the games of the world-famous South Korean TV survival drama television series "Squid Game". (Photo by Piero CRUCIATTI / AFP) (Photo by PIERO CRUCIATTI/AFP via Getty Images)

Netflix Says “Squid Game” Season 2 Isn’t Confirmed and Is Still Being Discussed

Season 2 of the “Squid Game” has not been confirmed, but Netflix says it is still being discussed. After first developing the idea for the limited series, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk notoriously took ten years to bring “Squid Game” to life.

Of course, when Dong-concept hyuk’s was ultimately realized in 2021, the show’s viral potential pushed it to become a big pop cultural sensation, inspiring everything from SNL parodies to extremely intricate and equally viral YouTube knock-offs. The only question now is whether Squid Game, a battle royale-style storytelling mayhem with incisive social satire, will return to Netflix for a second season. Hopes for more “Squid Game” were recently fanned by creator Dong-hyuk, who was quoted as stating categorically that a second season will be released on Netflix.

However, it appears that fans should hold off on their excitement for a possible Squid Game season 2 for the time being. According to a recent Vulture post on Dong-hyuk, the interview with the “Squid Game” developer that sparked so many headlines about season 2 happening for sure may have been slightly mistranslated, since Dong-hyuk only said he “thinks” season 2 is coming in the original interview. Beyond that, Netflix told Vulture that the second season of Squid Game is not yet confirmed, but talks are ongoing. Dong-hyuk, for one, told Vulture that he has ideas for season 2, but that he is starting to feel pressured to follow up on his viral first season:

“I have somewhat of a framework for the next season. But I also have to admit that I feel increasingly more pressure about season two as the series has gotten so much more love and attention than I could have expected. I also have a film I’ve been planning to shoot after Squid Game, and I haven’t made up my mind about which one I should do first.”

It should come as no surprise that Dong-hyuk is feeling more pressure as he prepares for the second season of “Squid Game”. Season 1 took 10 years from initial concept to final release, and no one knew the show even existed during that time, allowing it to be made in a complete vacuum with no sense of anticipation or buzz. The second time around, however, things are quite different, as the public now not only understands what “Squid Game” is but also craves the next chapter in the story of “Squid Game” season 1 “winner” Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae).

It will be fascinating to watch what new twists and turns Dong-hyuk comes up with as the plot of “Squid Game” goes into a high-pressure second season. Netflix’s non-confirmation of season 2 feels like a formality at this point, as the streamer and Dong-hyuk are most doubt still negotiating over budget and other details for season 2. “Squid Game” will almost certainly return for a second season in some form or another. It’s anyone’s guess what that season will look like, but Netflix and company would be wise not to stray too far from the formula that made season 1 such a worldwide success.