Crab Game From “Squid Game” TV Show Is Popular On Steam

“Squid Game” on Netflix has spawned a slew of imitators and knockoffs, one of which, dubbed Crab Game, appears to be gaining traction. It’s only natural that a show about playing video games would inspire parodies and actual video games seeking to mimic the show (in a way that doesn’t result in death). Major games, such as Mario Party, have been given the Squid Game treatment.

With its winner-take-all premise and warped usage of children’s games, Squid Game is reminiscent of the recent growth of battle-royale-style games like Fortnite or PUBG, and has already spawned a slew of game adaptations. Roblox is one game where a Squid Game mode appeared quickly, but it isn’t the only one. Almost any game that could be made to look like “Squid Game” has already been done. The recreations don’t end there: a hotel in South Korea hosted a live-action version of “Squid Game” (without the violence, of course), and Netflix hosted a live-action “Squid Game” event in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Polygon, a new challenger for the best “Squid Game” knockoff is a game called Crab Game, which is currently gaining popularity. Crab Game is a multiplayer version of “Squid Game” that includes faithful recreations of some of the show’s games as well as some additional games. It is currently the 29th most-watched game on Twitch, ahead of notable titles such as Among Us. The game has quickly grown in popularity since its October 29 introduction, with over 36,000 continuous players, aided by the fact that it is free. While gamers have to rely on hacked versions of games like GTA V Online to get their “Squid Game” fix, Crab Game provides the “Squid Game” experience on its own – complete with a lighthearted, self-aware tone.

Crab Game is an attempt to jump on board with the current trend as soon as possible, and its creators are well aware of this. Developer Dani remarked in a behind-the-scenes video for the game, “This ridiculous trend is disappearing quicker than my desire to live, so we have to finish this game ASAP.” So, in two weeks, let’s develop a whole multiplayer game with proximity chat, nine-game styles, and 30 maps. Even if it’s only a method to keep up with the times, the game has gained a following and could be just the “Squid Game” experience gamers are searching for. Many people have questioned how a full-fledged “Squid Game” video game might function, and Crab Game may provide the answer.

It’s apparent that “Squid Game” continues to inspire a wide range of creative initiatives, and Crab Game, while the most recent and popular at the moment, will not be the last. Netflix appears to be aiming to expand its IP, and a Netflix-branded video game could be in the works. As a result, gamers may have something to look forward to in the form of new Netflix video game content.