An Actor From “Squid Game” Responds To Fans’ Theories About Ali Survival

“Squid Game” actor Anupam Tripathi (known as Ali) discusses the fan theories that posit that he could have survived the show’s events:

“I have heard about it. People love the character, they associate with that character. And when they say, ‘Ali deserved better,’ and ‘Ali deserves justice,’ it feels like they still believe in humanity.”

The first episode of Squid Game was uploaded to Netflix in 2021, and it quickly became one of the most popular shows on the service. Viewers and critics alike gave it high marks. The series “Squid Game” was written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. To win a large prize pool, a group of impoverished South Korean citizens decide to participate in a series of dangerous children’s games. While playing can be risky, the players do so in order to gain financial gain.

However, “Squid Game” also features a large cast of supplementary characters, almost all of whom are eliminated at some point during the course of the series. The lead role of Seong Gi-hun, which is played by Lee Jung-jae, is at the forefront of the show; however, the show also features a large cast of supplementary characters. Ali Abdul, who also goes by the name Player 199 and is one of the supporting cast members, is portrayed here by Tripathi. Ali and Gi-hun quickly form an alliance with one another, and they are successful in maintaining it through the first, second, and third games of the competition. During the fourth game of marbles, Ali is paired with Park Hae-Cho soo’s Sang-woo, and because of Ali’s trusting nature, he is able to be tricked out of his remaining marbles. Sang-woo is playing for Park Hae-Cho soo. In the final scene of “Squid Game” one of the guards wearing red clothing appears to shoot and kill Ali off-screen.

In a new interview with Gold Derby, Tripathi addresses the fan theories that Ali may still be alive. He says that he hopes the theories are correct and expresses his hope that they are. Tripathi’s response is that he hopes the theories are correct. Tripathi, while expressing gratitude for the heartwarming response his character has generated from fans, explains that he is excited to see what Dong-hyuk comes up with for season 2, even if it does not include Ali’s return. This is despite the fact that Tripathi is excited to see what Dong-hyuk comes up with for season 2. Despite the fact that Tripathi is thankful for the reception his character has received from fans, he cannot contain his excitement at this moment. In spite of this, he continues to cling to the belief that Ali was somehow able to survive despite the fact that there is no evidence to support this. Check out what else Tripathi had to say about the Ali fan theories in the full comment that follows:

“I read all those theories, you know, it’s funny. They want me back in season 2. But I always keep, like, let’s hope for what the directors’ or the writers’ imagination would be. I think that kind of space you have to give to them because we know I am like a lot of characters who are dead, and let’s see what happens next.”

“I am really hopeful for everything. Let’s hope for the good thing.”

Despite the fact that Tripathi seems to be as clueless about Ali’s future as the show’s viewers are, the actor has stated that he would be willing to make a comeback if the plot demanded it. Ali’s death was particularly gruesome because of the character’s sweetness and naivety, despite the fact that “Squid Game” did not shy away from ending the lives of beloved characters in gruesome ways. “Squid Game” pulled a similar fake-out with Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su), with that character being shot off-screen only to reappear in the finale with the reveal that he was the one responsible for creating the game. Although Ali’s death scene did seem pretty conclusive, the reveal that Oh Il-nam was the one responsible for creating the game was a similar fake-out.

It is currently unknown whether or not Ali will make an appearance in “Squid Game”
season 2, but given the precedent that the show has set with Oh Il-nam, it is not completely out of the question that he will do so. The show runs the obvious risk of turning fake deaths into a regular occurrence if Ali is shown to have some way of surviving after being killed off in the episode. Tripathi is optimistic about the future of the show despite the fact that it is not yet known whether or not Ali will be brought back for the 2nd season of the show. He is pleased that his role on “Squid Game” has resonated so strongly with viewers and is optimistic about the show’s future.