Actress From “Squid Game” Shares Her Test Footage

Jung Ho-yeon, who rose to international prominence thanks to her performance as Kang Sae-byeok in Netflix’s hit drama “Squid Game”, recently shared test footage from last year in the role (A.K.A. Player 067). Squid Game is Netflix’s latest South Korean survival thriller series, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and starring Lee Jung Jae, a South Korean film legend. The series premiered last month and quickly became a global sensation; earlier this month, Netflix announced that “Squid Game” had surpassed Bridgerton as the streaming service’s most popular original series of all time.

Despite the show’s star-studded cast, the majority of the show’s standout characters are played by novices and lesser-known performers. Jung, for example, had no prior professional acting experience before she was cast as Sae-byeok in “Squid Game”. Fortunately, she was excellent in the role, propelling her to become one of the show’s standout characters amidst a sea of strong performances.

Jung recently shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what appears to be a test shoot from April 2020 on her Instagram account (the caption reads “text shoot,” though “text” may be a typo for “test”). Both videos show Jung posing against static backgrounds reminiscent of “Squid Game’s” colorful battlefields through the lens of a camera monitor. The first film features her clothed in civilian clothes against a cloudy backdrop, while the second features her in her trademark green jumpsuit – emblazoned with her player designation number of 067 – in front of a sunset backdrop similar to that seen in episode 6, “Gganbu.” Two more costumed figures stand to each side of her in the latter clip, most likely Ji-young (Lee Yoo-mi) and Ali (Anupam Tripathi) based on what little can be seen of their player numbers. Take a look at the following clips:

What sticks out right away, especially in the second clip, is how much the actors are able to convey simply with their body language. Jung’s somber demeanor, like Lee Yoo-restlessness mi’s and Tripathi’s shyness, immediately reflect the nature of the character she plays. The criticisms expressed at some of “Squid Game’s” performances are mostly avoided by these three actors.

Season 2 will reveal whether or not the show’s brilliant casting choices were a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The bulk of season 1’s most beloved characters, including Sae-byeok, will not be allowed to return due to their characters being killed off in the program. As a result, the casting department for Season 2 will have to start from scratch with an entirely new cast of characters; ideally, they will be able to rekindle the magic of “Squid Game’s” renowned first season.