Rafe Judkins: Aes Sedai Won’t Be Ageless

Rafe Judkins (showrunner of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time series) let fans know what computer-generated image (CGI) types won’t be used for Aes Sedai characters.

The special effects for Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time promise impressive visuals, but they shouldn’t be expected to match the visuals in the books that inspired them.

Moiraine was shown in a new clip that revealed the first glimpse of an Aes Sedai character. Rafe Judkins, the showrunner, answered questions on Instagram about the footage. These answers were reposted by the official Twitter of the show and shed light on the unique “ageless” appearance that the Aes Sedai will have in the books.

According to The Wheel of Time‘s mythology women such as Moiraine, who have lived long as Aes Sedai, are said not to have any faces that reveal anything about their age. They appear neither young nor old.

Judkins explained that it was not feasible to create the ageless effect because of the high cost. He wrote that VFX that requires you to touch every frame where a character appears are not great investment of money. “So don’t expect to see CGI faces on all Aes Sedai.”

It’s possible that other Aes Sedai characters will be appearing later in the series, so it’s possible they’ll wear the same effect as the fans of the books. Moiraine should be able to show that she is an Aes sedai by using other methods.

Originally published in 1990, the popular The Wheel of Time (by Robert Jordan) fantasy series includes 14 novels, the finishing three of which was also written by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan died in 2007. The series follows a group of villagers as they come to terms with their powers and are drawn into a global conflict. It is set in a world where only women can possess the One Power without losing sight of their sanity. It was a keystone of epic fantasy modern, renowned for its expansive scope and unique worldbuilding.

Written and produced by Executive Rafe Judkins.The cast- Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoe Robins, Barney Harris, Madelaine Madden, Daniel Henney, and Michael McElhatton. The release date is yet to be announced by Amazon.

Source: Twitter and Instagram