Pam & Tommy -- “I Love You, Tommy" - Episode 102 -- Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee meet, get high and get married… all in four days. Tommy (Sebastian Stan), shown. (Photo by: Erin Simkin/Hulu)

Sebastian Stan Discusses “Pam & Tommy” Season 2 Possibilities

Sebastian Stan discusses the possibility of returning for the second season of Hulu’s biographical drama “Pam & Tommy” in a recent interview. “Pam & Tommy” is a biographical drama series based on the real-life marriage of Pamela Anderson, the star of Baywatch, and Tommy Lee, the drummer for Mötley Crüe. The series, written by Robert Siegel and adapted for Hulu, delves into the couple’s turbulent marriage while focusing on their infamous sex tape, which was stolen and illegally published for all to see. Originally slated to star James Franco as Lee, Stan was cast in the role opposite Lily James’ Anderson in 2020.

“Pam & Tommy”captivated audiences and critics alike upon its official debut in February 2022, achieving a respectable 78 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The series, on the other hand, is not without controversy. Despite its apparent critical acclaim, the miniseries has received some backlash, most notably from Anderson herself, who never agreed to the project in the first place. Claims of erroneous interpretations of specific events and people can circulate in the rumor mill. Anderson struck an agreement with Netflix to create her own version of the narrative via an exclusive documentary in response to the series’ release on Hulu.

Sebastian Stan discussed the possibility of “Pam & Tommy” returning for a second season in a recent interview with EW. Stan freely concedes in his comments that there is a lot more to look into when it comes to the tumultuous dynamics in Anderson and Lee’s marriage. However, the MCU star believes Pam and Tommy did an exceptional job portraying what was entrusted to them as actors in the time available. Stan adds that he would have to ponder about whether or not “Pam & Tommy” would return for a second season. Below are Stan’s precise words on the subject:

I think we could always have explored it more and deeper. You could have made another eight episodes, even going further into the story. But I feel we came at it with the best intentions, and we really tried, given the allotted time, to do our best with what was what was given to us as actors.

When asked if he wanted to return for a second season, Stan said, “Yes.”

I don’t know. I’ll have to think about that. I’m not sure actually, at this point.

While Stan is undecided about whether or not he wants to return for a second season, Hulu has given no indication that bringing Pam and Tommy back is even on the table. A few circumstances, however, might pique Hulu’s interest in buying a second season. Perhaps the show will turn its attention to the aftermath of Anderson and Lee’s divorce, or even dig into the couple’s ultimate, albeit brief, reconciliation. Prior to her engagement with Lee, Anderson had another tape involving artist Brett Michaels, which may make for an interesting backstory. Any way you look at it, there looks to be room for a deeper probe, even if it isn’t the best course of action.

The second season of “Pam & Tommy” might potentially destroy an otherwise excellent portrayal of a great American story, regardless of if there are conceivable options to pursue further. It’s probably best if the series, which was always designed to be restricted, stays that way. As of now, the story’s heart is appropriately addressed in “Pam & Tommy”, thus digging up new plots or capitalizing on the circumstance could be considered impolite. Especially when the subject of the piece never given her permission, to begin with.